Andrea and Luigadiel

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How We Met

It all started when I joined CrossFit on January 2014. I started working out at a local box in my hometown and became obsessed with having a healthy and fit life. On March 2014 I decided to move to another box (let me just clear that this is how crossfitters call a CrossFit gym) near the university were I was a Psychology major. This is where I met Luigadiel, he was the head coach at High level CrossFit. Initially we became just friends, I was actually dating another person and so was he. After a couple of months we started going out as friends with other people from our box. We started to get to know each other and we both started to develop feelings starting summer 2014. That summer I left Puerto Rico and headed to the states. I had been accepted on a summer research internship program at Yale University. We never stopped talking the whole summer and when I came back we just continued right where we had started. Luigadiel has been the most supportive person in my life. He was there with me through my masters degree studies of Speech Language Pathology. We both suffered but gained a lot after Hurricane Maria almost destroyed our island. Since we have been together he has just been the best thing in my life. Never in my mind did I think my prayers would be answered and that I’d be blessed with an incredible, loving man.

how they asked

On the day of my masters degree graduation, Luigadiel popped the question. I was so excited to be a graduate! The journey of my masters degree was a tough one and I was really glad to had finished it. That day we had planned that after the graduation my family, he and I would go celebrate at a restaurant in Cayey, Puerto Rico. Never in my mind did I think I would be happier than I already was that day. My close family where there and so was part of his close family. I remember thinking “how convenient that his family could come and celebrate this day with us too”, but with every question I asked him, he just had the right answer to make me not suspect a thing. We ate lunch at this beautiful place overlooking the central mountains of Puerto Rico and when we finished, we ordered dessert.

I was looking at my graduation photos when a song came up and I thought “Oh! What a romantic song” (the song was : “Casate conmigo”- David Bisbal, means marry me in spanish). I thought it was weird because the other music playing weren’t as romantic, but still I didn’t suspect a thing and started to sing and dance a little to myself.

In came the waiter with the dessert and boy was I surprised to see what was behind him, at first I thought to myself “what is happening?!”. The man of my dreams was right there kneeling on the floor holding what looked to me like a rock plate with “will you marry me” written on it and a ring on top of a strawberry rose. Right when I saw that ring, immediately happy tears came pouring down my face. My heart just felt an enormous amount of happiness that it just can’t be described with words. Truly one of the happiest days of my life.

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