Andrea and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I met our freshman year of college in 2010. My best friend since middle school, Molly, tended to gather the most random freshmen into one table at our cafeteria and make us all best friends – this included 3 forensic students, 1 dietetic student, 1 math and geology student, and a pre-vet student. In the Fall semester of our sophomore year, I realized I needed to take a P.E. class, but couldn’t find any friends who would willingly take the class with me. Kyle volunteered. Each day at class, we’d run on treadmills beside each other or sit in class beside each other. We became close friends instantly and I found that he was easy to talk to, a perfect gentleman, and had admirable goals and values. One day in class, I noticed that he was looking at his phone often, and his face got bright red. I’d later learn that his best friend had asked him if he had a crush on me. A few weeks later, Kyle asked me to go to dinner with him – on a real date. I agreed – and I’m so glad that I did! Since that day, I’ve had my best friend and soulmate by my side while I dealt with multiple medical problems, going to grad school, taking my RD exam, and moving into my dream job in less than 6 months after graduating. He continues to be the perfect gentleman that I met my freshman year at EKU.

Image 1 of Andrea and Kyle

how they asked

Kyle and I have been together since January 16, 2011. When talking about the possibility of getting engaged, my response was always, “I want only two things: 1) pictures of the proposal, and 2) for it to be meaningful in our own special way.”
At his family’s Christmas party, we were required to put our phones in a basket at the front door so as to eliminate distractions and spend time with family. I did as I was told. At the Christmas party individual presents to be given – usually from the grandparents to the grandchildren. One present was still under the tree, and I heard Emily (Kyle’s little sister) call out “To Andrea and Butch…” and hand us the present. Inside was a vintage saucer. I had no idea what it was. Until Kyle’s aunt began to get teary-eyed and said “It’s a ringholder”.
It’s tradition in Kyle’s family for his Granny Turkey to gift a ringholder to the lucky young lady that she believed to be the soulmate for her child/grandchild on Christmas. Kyle was especially close to his Granny Turkey, but I was never able to meet her. She passed away the week before Kyle and I began talking during our sophomore year of college. But I know how much he loved her and he always told me that Turkey would’ve considered me his soulmate if she had met me.
After his Aunt Sarah stated that it was a ringholder, all of his family became excited. I turned around and Kyle was on one knee with the most beautiful ring. I said YES! Then his family began shouting “Did any one record that?” “I don’t have my phone!” “We don’t have any pictures!” Everyone’s phones had been confiscated into the basket at the front door. Luckily, Kyle had kept his phone with him and Emily had recorded the entire proposal and taken multiple pictures.

He accomplished it all – the most thoughtful proposal with pictures perfectly capturing the moment. And I’m the luckiest woman to call this incredible man mine!

Image 2 of Andrea and Kyle

Image 3 of Andrea and Kyle