Andrea and Kyle

How We Met

We met at work! While we both grew up in Riverside, had mutual friends, and hung out at the same places, our paths did not cross until we became coworkers. After my daughter and I moved back to California from Riverside, I took a job at a Country Club in Riverside. Kyle was the Head Golf Professional, I was the Private Event Director. On my very first day, we sat next to each other at a lunch meeting and bonded over our joint love of country music.

The following week we had to do inventory together, and I was smitten after that night. Kyle took a little more convincing. It took: 4 months, countless hours of shameless flirting, a member of our Country Club telling him I had a crush on him, and me refusing to leave his office until he made a first date plan with me before we became an us.

Andrea's Proposal in California Citrus State Historic Park

Our first date was at The Mission Inn in Downtown Riverside, a stunning historic hotel that we both had a fondness for. We drank, we ate, we laughed and we kissed. I found out he was hesitant because I would be his first girlfriend. I fell even deeper.

Andrea and Kyle's Engagement in California Citrus State Historic Park

From that point forward we were inseparable. I met his parents 3 days later and he quickly became a huge part of my daughter’s life. He became the missing piece to our triangle and we couldn’t imagine life without him.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in California Citrus State Historic Park

How They Asked

I’m a wedding planner and have been for 10 years, so to say that I have a passion for weddings is an understatement. I also used to model and am a sucker for a good photo. He managed to pull it all into popping the big question.

We were modeling for a styled shoot for a dear friend of mine, Ellen, at the Riverside Flower Club. My daughter was the “flower girl” and we were the “bride” and “groom”. We were halfway done with the shoot when we went to the mock ceremony site for more photos. Bailey, my daughter, was walking down the “aisle” with her little basket throwing flower petals. Little did I know, the ring box was at the bottom of the basket.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in California Citrus State Historic Park

Proposal Ideas California Citrus State Historic Park

When she got to the end of the “aisle” he went to get something out of the basket. I was still completely oblivious to what was about to happen.

When he dropped down on one knee and professed his love, I was shocked. Looking back, all of the signs were there. But at the moment, I thought I was missing something and it was somehow a part of the shoot. I repeatedly asked, “Are you serious?” “Is this real?” until I could cry out “YES!”

Kyle is my complete opposite in the best way possible. He is always optimistic, always ready for adventure, always open to feeling everything, and always calm in the storm that is life.

I couldn’t have planned a more perfect proposal. In a lot of ways, I did plan my proposal. And as a professional planner, that is absolutely perfect for me!