Andrea and Jonathan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in PINECREST GARDENS

how they asked: Jonny & I met through a close friend who is now his sister-in-law about 3 years ago. He officially asked me out to be his girlfriend in April 2014, and we always mentioned about taking care of each other till we’re 87 years old. Well I didn’t realize how significant those numbers were going to be to us. On August 7, 2015- Jonny planned a double date with his brother and sister-in-law to a restaurant I personally never been to.

Before we went to the restaurant we had a little time to spare so Jonny said “hey let’s go to a garden that’s near the restaurant to kill some time” so of course me not knowing anything went along with it. Well when we got to the garden the gate was closed so we drove around to find another entrance and sure enough there was one side of the garden open. We drove in and walked around a little and place was gorgeous, beautiful waterfall, cute bridge, and Romeo + Juliet tower.

Well one of the workers said they were closing up the garden and Jonny asked them “do you mind if I take her to the tower to get the whole view of the garden?” After the worker said yes, we went up to the tower and I notice a canvas that was behind a black sheet with a date on it. I had to take a sneak peak under the curtain and notice “YES or NO” so I covered it quickly realizing this was for someone else and when I turned around Jonny was on one knee along with our family behind him with huge smiles!

So after all the excitement and my -Heck YES- Jonny & I were blindfolded to another exciting drive and ended up at a surprise engagement party with our close friends + family!! So I said YES on 8/7/2015 && still plan on giving him my heart till we’re 87 years old.