Andrea and Jonah

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How We Met

Jonah and I met when we were 15 and 16 years old in Germany, at Black Forest Academy. During our sophomore year of high school we signed up to go on a mission trip to Portugal with a team but I had never talked to him before so I didn’t really care. As we prepared for this trip, our team did multiple team-building exercises and we slowly got to know each other. Fast-forward a couple of months & it was time to fly to Portugal and funny enough, our plane ticket seats were next to each other. What was even funnier was that our whole team sat in the front of the plane and our tickets were way in the back… During this trip, I got to learn more about him, his personality, his passions and I knew that I wanted to get to know him more. It was almost summer break, so we kept in touch but we did not start dating yet. When school started we started hanging out with each other more and on December 15th he asked me to be his girlfriend on a golf course right by my dorm.

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This picture is of us sitting on the plane together (our first picture together).

How They Asked

On November 14th, jonah pulled off the greatest surprise. it was on a Saturday morning, jonah came into my house ( I didn’t even know about it) and he had made me breakfast & coffee (if you know me, that’s everything lol) he later told me to get ready and we were going on a date. We try to go out at least once a week so it wasn’t odd to me. I was getting ready and at 4 pm he pulled up in front of my apartment to pick me up. He told me we were going to Bentonville, AR for dinner. I get into the car, and for some reason, we took a left turn. We keep going, and jonah pulls up at the Siloam Springs airport… I was very confused. we get out of the car and Josh’s (jonah’s roommate) dad was standing by a hangar. (Josh’s dad is a pilot) I looked at jonah and couldn’t believe it. We stepped into a tiny airplane and went for an hour flight above Siloam springs and made our way to Oklahoma. I think by then I knew he was going to propose ( we don’t go on airplane dates often lol) after about an hour Josh’s dad lands in Oklahoma, and there was Jonah’s motorcycle waiting on the runway. We get on it and drive off to this country club for dinner. A tornado warning showed up on our phones so we knew we had to eat quickly and make our way back onto the plane. We get on the motorcycle and jonah takes a detour to this golf course by this lake. (we started dating on a golf course & he knows I love the beach, so this was close haha) we pulled up by the water and there were a bunch of string lights hanging from the trees, torches lit up, flowers, and a wooden ring box (made by my jonah & I’s friend). While Jonah was proposing he said a bunch of sweet things that I don’t remember because I saw someone move behind a tree infront of us. As jonah was speaking, this person steps out, and little did I know my brother was there taking our pictures!!

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WHAT I was so shocked. I started tearing up from the proposal and the fact that my brother had flown from Chicago and was there. After that Noah (jonah’s brother), josh, Noah, and the Hunts came out of hiding and congratulated us and man was that a crazy night. but it doesn’t end there… it started pouring so we knew we had to get on the plane now. Josh’s dad, Dylan, jonah, and I flew back to Siloam Springs and made our way to Jonah’s house for the engagement party. We pull up to the house, and I walk in, and there I see my best friend from 20 years, that I grew up within Monaco, and I couldn’t believe it. we run towards each other, hug each other and cry and it was amazing. but it doesn’t end here either…as I was hugging everyone and thanking them for being here, jonah took my hand and brought me to his living room, and there she was. my MOM!!

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My mother flew from Monaco to Texas and drove up with my grandparents and uncle to surprise me! You could say I was an emotional wreck. I couldn’t believe it. Jonah and I had talked about getting married but I knew that if he proposed in the US, there’s no way anyone from my family would be there. I couldn’t believe that Jonah pulled it off to propose to me and surprise me with my brother, my best friend, my grandparents, uncle, and my mom! Jonah Greathouse is an incredible man and I cannot believe the Lord has blessed me this much by being able to marry the love of my life. This is the beginning of the greatest adventure!!

Special Thanks

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