Andrea and John

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How We Met

The short story to how Andrea and John met is through a mutual friend.

The longer and more detailed story to how Andrea and John met is as follows…

Andrea was having a tough time making friends in college until she met her saving Grace. Grace and Andrea were in a Freshman Math class when they ironically hit it off talking about music and theatre. It was there they both learned that Andrea came to college to study theatre and Grace came to college to study music. It just so happens there was a Sophomore named John who had been at the same college studying music for the past year.

Flash forward to 4 years of classes, shows, rehearsals, concerts, parties, and pizzas- Andrea and Grace, Grace and John, but never did Andrea and John meet.

After graduating in 2010, John stayed to work in town. The next year when Andrea and Grace graduated, Andrea went to Washington D.C for an internship, while Grace had a job offer in town. When she needed a place to live, John and his housemates had an opening.

Andrea moved back to town after her internship had finished. She was over Grace’s house when she got to meet everyone she was living with- Andy, Leah, and a guy named John. Neither Andrea nor John were looking for anything so they didn’t really pay any extra attention to one another. Until one night out at a dance bar, they found themselves dancing together, talking, and laughing all night long.

John says Andrea made the first move. Andrea says John made the first move. They’ll probably never settle on an agreement but, who cares? Now they are getting married.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Nashua, NH

how they asked

John and Andrea had relocated from VT to NH for a new job and graduate school in 2013. They lived with Andrea’s parents for a year and a half before finally getting it together to move in to their own place. The day came in May 2015 when they were meeting with the leasing agent to sign the final papers. Andrea was in the empty kitchen reading over the papers when John had started to unload the car. He brought in a smaller box that did not look dented or damaged- it had been taken care of. She was curious. She opened the box up and saw a bottle of champagne and roses. “Oh sh#@! This is probably a ‘yay we finally moved out’ celebration he had plan!” Andrea immediately closed the box up hoping John didn’t see her, but it was too late. John slowly came around the corner. He smiled as he approached. He then said to her gently, “Before you keep going through boxes, there is one other box I need to open for you.” He then pulled out a small ring box, got down on one knee and said, “Andrea, you’re the love of my life. Will you marry me?” She was in shock but got out the words “yesyesyesyesyes!” The empty kitchen was filled with love and promises to spend forever together that day.