Andrea and Joe

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How We Met

The year 2016 was a split between the worst & best year of my life. My mother passed away suddenly in February, I ended a damaging relationship in April (2 days before my brother’s wedding), finished school in May, and met the love of my life in June.

Andrea and Joe's Engagement in 5th Ave. NY, NY

The last thing I was looking for was a new relationship. This was my time to find myself again and navigate through life with my mother in my heart to become the woman I was meant to be. A couple of “double taps” here and there on Instagram pictures, however, caught my eye by Joe. He was so handsome & I had recognized him from his time working with my best friend although never meeting. One day he finally reached out to me in a DM and we began chatting. That night we must have messaged each other for several hours, talking about ravioli, cooking, our love for stand-up comedy, and our love for our late grandmothers who each helped our own mothers raise us. A few days of this type of communication went by until he finally asked me to meet for coffee. At the time I had no interest in starting something new, but he was so charming and I was way too attracted to him to pass on this offer; I had nothing to lose.

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The night we met for coffee mimicked our conversations through Instagram, talking about our upbringings, him asking me about my late mother and most of all ravioli. We sat in Starbucks talking for 4 hours until the barista interrupted us to say they’d be closing in 10 minutes. We decided to meet again for dinner later that week and the rest was history. I knew from that first night we met that he would be the man I would eventually marry. He had been everything my mother ever wanted for me to have in a partner. I truly believe my mother sent this wonderful man my way & I thank God every day for him and for her finding ways to take care of me even in her absence. Now if you ask Joe, he can tell you that a coworker of his, who had taught my cousins and worked with my mother years before, had seen that he and I were friends on social media and it was her suggestion that we’d be a good match. Call it divine intervention.

How They Asked

So Christmas morning, Joe showed up at my house with all of my presents. On my presents was a sign that said “Not a Ring”. I found this hilarious because he had also done this for our first Christmas.

One of my presents this year was a beautiful coat from Cole Haan. I wasn’t sure about the size so we agreed I’d bring it to work with me that Monday and try on a different size after work. There was a store not too far from my office but Joe insisted I meet him at the store he bought it at which was further downtown. Joe is a stand-up comedian and told me he had a class with his coach that day and that he would meet me after since he would already be in the city. It was pouring raining and I took the train to meet him, he drove there and by luck found a spot right in front (which never happens in NYC). In the store everyone was very friendly, helping me figure out which size was best. When I decided to stick with the original coat Joe told me to keep it on to leave the store.

I didn’t want to listen to him because it was raining and I didn’t want to get the coat dirty on it’s first to wear. Somehow Joe convinced me to wear it to make sure I liked the fit before we drove away from the store. Outside of the store on 5th Ave., in the pouring rain he had asked if I wanted to grab a bite to eat and I told him sure but we should have decided this in the store where it wasn’t raining. He then looked me in the eyes and asked me, “Are you sure you’re okay with me doing comedy?” to which confused me and I replied, “Of course, it’s what you love to do”.

Joe then kissed me, threw down the bag, got down on one knee and then flung my umbrella down, asking me to marry him. I have never been so surprised in my entire life. It turns out he never had a meeting with his comedy coach, he just said that so he would have a reason to be in Manhattan that day. He also got to Cole Haan about an hour before I showed up and asked the manager who originally sold him the coat to take a video of him proposing. It was the most perfect, thoughtful. romantic and meaningful proposal and something I will never forget for my entire life.

Our Video

Special Thanks

 | Manager at Cole Haan who took the video for us