Andrea and Jimmy

Andrea's Proposal in San Francisco, CA

How We Met

Jimmy and I met through the swipes of OkCupid. Not very romantic algorithmically, but everything that followed soon built up to relationship filled with warmth, optimism, and wholesome happiness. I was his first online app date ever (what luck!) and we made plans to meet at a cocktail bar (which ironically we’ve never been back to because we’re not that hip and barely drink).

As I was in the car on the way to meet him–literally 10 minutes before–my nose began to bleed profusely out of nowhere. I had no tissues and no idea what to do except hold my hand under my face to catch the pool of blood while my driver and co-passenger looked on in shock. My driver made an emergency U-turn into a donut shop and got me napkins and a water bottle which saved the day and I was able to hastily clean myself up.

I arrived late, flustered, (and only slightly bloody) but I guess it was my body telling me that something big was about to happen. Jimmy was there waiting and he greeted me with that contagious smile that had made me swipe on him in the first place. He gave me a deep, warm hug and as we sat down next to each other, I was hit with this overwhelming feeling that not only did I feel like I knew him already but that this human being was definitely going to be in my life for a long time. I didn’t know if that meant as a friend or as a partner, but something (the nosebleed, maybe) convinced me to stick it out and see.

I’m eternally glad I did.

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How They Asked

Earlier this year, Jimmy began to rally my closest friends and family to crowdsource ideas for a perfect proposal. Planning was not his strongest suit and he knew to pull this off, he would need to delegate to my girlfriends and sister who could help him out.

Proposal Ideas San Francisco, CA

The months that ensued were all behind my back and I had absolutely no idea of the many, many hours he spent with them brainstorming ideas on Post-it notes, drafting dozens of different scenarios, compiling many, many Google docs, and exchanging thousands of secret messages.

The most thoughtful detail (which they all later told me) was actually how he knew it was important to ask for my parents’ blessing in person. My girlfriends distracted me for a day at a spa while he hopped on a plane down to Los Angeles to meet up with them. He had lunch with them and successfully got their blessing before taking a same-day flight back to San Francisco. We met up that night for dinner and I was completely oblivious. I’m actually still not sure how I didn’t realize he was gone for an entire day.

The morning of November 10th, everything was off. He’d had only an hour of sleep and was full of anxiety; I had no idea why! We grabbed brunch and he seemed distracted and stressed. I was irked he kept looking at his phone and was rushing through our meal but I brushed it off as it was rare for him to be so distressed. We had separate plans with friends that day and we parted ways. I took my time getting ready and went out shopping for what I thought was a friend’s surprise birthday: a flower-arranging class followed by a fancy dinner out. Shopping bags in hand, I leisurely walked to the class address and rang the doorbell of the private studio, expecting a girlfriend to get me.

The door opened and there Jimmy stood, dressed in a suit, surrounded by sunflowers, twinkle lights, and photos of us on the walls.

Of course, I immediately registered what was happening and began to ugly cry. Honestly, the minutes that followed were a complete blur because I blacked-out for a bit, only pieced together by the photographs and film that my friends captured. He led me outside to a beautiful garden patio where my closest friends and family were waiting (which made me cry even more). He told me how I made him feel safe, optimistic, and loved, and got down on one knee. I managed to choke out a yes in between the sobbing.

The whole thing was just exceeded my every expectation. I’m a Type-A planner and never would have imagined that Jimmy could have this up his sleeve. I got to truly appreciate everyone who was there (especially those who had flown in from far away). So many hands were involved in making this surreal dream happen and while Jimmy was at the heart of it all, it was a true testament to how much love was in the room that night. I’m especially thankful for my dear friends, Philip and Emily, who were there to masterfully document the experience and help me relive the pieces I missed in between all the tears.

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