Andrea and Jason

My engagement took place last August on the Tall Ship Windy fireworks cruise downtown Chicago. About a month before Jason proposed he told me that his mother-in-law won tickets to the Tall Ship Windy fireworks cruise for the 16th and asked if we had plans. Obviously we did not, so a month later we found ourselves roaming downtown before we boarded the boat. As we but on the boat we were shown to a special spot at the front of the boat. I thought nothing of it becuase it was a small spot for two. After cruising the lake for an hour, we were asked to go on the main deck for the fireworks. Once we got there, I scoped out the perfect spot to get a picture of the fireworks. As they started, Jason pulled on my arm and as I looked down at him in disbelief. Not only was he proposing, but he had my whole family there, where they were hiding below deck the whole time. He also hired a photographer and videographer to capture the special moment. It still remains one of the best moments of my life!

Image 1 of Andrea and Jason

Image 2 of Andrea and Jason