Andrea and Ian

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How We Met

Ian and I grew up together, we attended middle school, high school and college together but our love story didn’t start out like most. I actually like to compare our beginning to much like the couple’s story in the Notebook. Boy meets girl, girl doesn’t care for boys childish antics, boy persists to gain her love and attention…if you’re not living under a rock and have seen the movie you know and get the rest of the story line. Our story is much credited to persistence and never giving up. Much like Noah never gave up on Allie.

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Ian and I met each other at 11 years old in first period art class in McKinley Middle Charter School. As previously mentioned Ian was a very lively pre-teen, he truly owned whatever room he walked into (still true to this day) and loved having fun with all his friends in class. And for Ian if his liveliness gained the attention of the young ladies, even better. Unfortunate for him, it did not attract my attention at first. So what did Ian do to ensure he’d gain my attention after his funny jokes and charm didn’t work? He proceeded to poke me in the back with a pencil eraser! Yes, consistently, until I turned around and gave him what he wanted, my attention! That’s what I call PERSISTENCE!

Growing up my family mantra was “Gonzales’ never give up.” Giving up isn’t in my DNA as far as I’m concerned, and my relationship with Ian was no exception. What I’m most thankful for in these last 7 years of dating and 15 years of friendship is we’ve never given up on each other. We’ve been able to truly see what the other person has to offer all these years. That is something I’m extremely proud of. Starting to date someone you’ve grown up with all these years at the age of 19 isn’t easy, but allowing ourselves time to grow and evolve was the best thing we could have done for ourselves and each other. If I would have given up, I’d sure be missing our on the very best part of Ian, as I’m absolutely blown away by the man he has grown into from that little 11 year old class charmer from McKinley Middle.

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how they asked

November 30th, 2017 will live on as one of the most magical dates of my life. As it was the day my best friend of 15 years asked me to marry him! New Years Eve has always been special to us as friends and more so when we became a couple. The one that stands out the most is our very first New Years Eve, where we weren’t exactly together but on the phone. Being so young, our parents disapproved spending it together, so the phone just had to do. As we sat on the line as we watched all the New Years Eve specials covering the beautiful NYC sights, we cooked up in our 12 yr old minds what it would be like to be in NYC together and we vowed that one day, when we were old enough that was, we’d walk the streets in the winter time to see all the Christmas lights.

Fast forward 15 years.. arriving in New York last November little did I know Ian had prepared to do exactly what we imagined when we were little kids. We walked the New York streets saw all the Christmas sights and he took me in the middle of Rockefeller center in front of the biggest and most beautiful Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. He got down on one knee and asked me “so you gonna marry me?” Of course, after I screamed and cried, I said yes! Looking back on this beautiful memory sends butterflies soaring through my body. It’s exactly why I can not wait for November 30th, 2018 as I will be celebrating one full year from that beautiful memory with my Fiance, our family and friends at our rehearsal dinner with anticipation of our wedding day!

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