Andrea and Hunter

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How We Met

Hunter and I met four years ago at Katy Trail Ice House in Dallas, TX. Hunter was visiting his fraternity brother from Georgia who happened to be my best friend’s boyfriend. I thought he was extremely cute and remembered thinking to myself, this is the kind of guy I need to marry. We all had a blast that weekend and then back to Georgia Hunter went. We sent a couple of Facebook messages to each other but I thought that was the end of that until we decided to get a group of us together for a Florida trip.

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We had an amazing time in Florida and decided to have fun and try to date, although it would be long distance. Hunter bought a flight to Dallas the next day after our trip ended. We were long distance for six months until I decided to take a chance on love and move to Atlanta, Georgia after graduating college.

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Three and a half years later, we own a house with our sweet Australian Shepherd and I couldn’t be happier.

how they asked

Andrea: All of our closest friends decided to travel to California to celebrate the forth of July, attend a wedding, and reunite in my second favorite state (Texas is of course the first). Hunter made it clear that he wanted at least one day alone to spend together and I completely agreed. We spent the day exploring the Gas Lamp District and riding bikes along the bay. Hunter had planned for us to go on a gondola ride on the Coronado Bay later that afternoon and then go to dinner in La Jolla. On our gondola ride, we soaked up the scenery, drank champagne, and relaxed. The sun was setting, the gondola was playing Italian music, and I didn’t think the moment could get any more romantic until Hunter stood up and got on one knee. I initially asked him what he was doing because I thought he was going to tip the boat over. He then proposed and I sat speechless for nearly five minutes in complete shock. I couldn’t be happier knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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Hunter: We were drinking coffee then riding bikes, eating great street food, but all I could think about was the gondola ride. Luckily, I am able to mask my nervousness pretty well. The time had come to head to the harbor and I slipped the ring in my pocket. The boat took off and we headed into the canal where I planned to have photographers at the end. When I got on one knee, I could see her eyes get as big as the sun. I then said my intentions for our life and asked if she would marry me. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity for a response, I said “So…?” and she “Si Padre”. Kidding – she said of course I will. My hands were shaking so I was eager to put the ring on her finger before I could drop it in the water. We were greeted with folks coming out on their boats and in their backyards applauding and cheering as we went back through the canal. Best day of my life.

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Special Thanks

Anne Barrera
 | Photographer
The Gondola Company
 | Planning