Andrea and Hiram

Andrea and Hiram's Engagement in The Morton Arboretum

How We Met

“We’ve always known each other, even when were little, our families always knew each other. We had always spent a lot of time around each other. I think there was a point in our teen years when we drifted apart, but when we both were older we reconnected and hit it off right away. Starting off as friends then slowly growing to more and then our relationship just took off from there. We couldn’t get enough of each other and relied on each other for everything” – Hiram “I remember liking him since I was little, 8 to be exact. I remember praying that I would get to stand up in a wedding with Jr. (Hiram) when I was younger. (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t work that way) I also remember him running away from me because he had fount out I had a crush on him. He was a platonic crush and that was about it. Some years passed and we grew up and apart. As we became older we started to become better friends, we were each others rant receivers as well as best friends. One day out of no where he told me his feelings had changed and he no longer wanted to run away from me. He had made a picnic (my dream date) inside of his basement, because it was raining. He asked me to be his girlfriend and can I just say 8 year old Andrea squealed. Since then we’ve been inseparable.” – Andrea.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Morton Arboretum

how they asked

“I was super nervous..the hour long drive to the arboretum was a nightmare and the ring was so heavy in my hands. I remember pulling in and freaking out about finding the perfect spot. Setting up the picnic and just waiting for what felt like forever. You were taking forever to get ready, like usual. I remember standing behind the tree and watching every car go by. People were talking to me and I don’t really remember what they said. Finally, after what felt like forever the car pulled up and I ducked behind the tree hoping you wouldn’t see me. I texted Lisa the instructions and… of course you didn’t wanna play along. You walked to the blanket and finally did what I told you to do. Then I remember tiptoeing closer to the tree and I was so lucky you didn’t turn around.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Morton Arboretum

The video I made felt even longer then I remember and as soon as your turned around my heart beat slowed and my legs just took me away. I don’t really remember walking or how I got to you but I grabbed your hand help you stand up and with tears rolling down your face I got on one knee and asked you to marry me.” – Hiram “I had a feeling it was coming… however I did not see it being as amazing as it was.

The day before he made sure my nails were done, my friend had gifted me the perfect outfit and the perfect shoes. I was told I was going to “dinner” with some of our close friends. As we pulled up into the arboretum, I was instructed to walk to the picnic set up. (Yes, a real outside picnic just for me!)

Knowing what was happening I expected Jr to go and greet me there but instead it was just me and the picnic basket. After opening the basket I turned on the iPad inside and a video started. I can’t quite remember all the pictures because of the tears and my heart was beating in my ears.

However I do remember hearing the words “Turn around” and being greeted by a man on his knee and a red box. I don’t remember saying yes out loud but crying and nodding and tight hugs. Before I knew it we were swarmed with our families and closest friends. I guess I would get to stand up in a wedding with him after all, just a little differently.” – Andrea

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