Andrea and Harry

Image 2 of Andrea and Harry

How We Met

Harry and I attended the same high school twelve years ago. While we did know one another, we had never officially met. The year that we DID meet, a friend and I signed up to sing in the school’s annual talent show. We sang an acoustic rendition of “Your Guardian Angel” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus–one week after Valentine’s Day (the day Harry got rejected by a girl and swore them off). Little did I know that Harry would take notice of me on stage. A mutual friend introduced us, he asked me to prom two months later and asked me to be his girlfriend seven months after that!

Image 1 of Andrea and Harry

How They Asked

I wish I could say that my proposal was perfect. Although it was sweet and heartfelt, it was FAR from it! And yet, would I change it? Absolutely not.

Before I share my story, it wouldn’t make sense without some background. My family and I were visiting Harry, who had recently moved to Utah for work. While staying in our Airbnb, I was awoken once at midnight and again at 4:00 in the morning to our neighbors arguing next door, screaming back and forth.

Enough was enough. I called the police. Fifteen minutes later, I peered throw the blinds as the cops showed up and–though I wasn’t wearing my contacts–may have possibly made eye contact with one of them. Because of this, I was weirdly paranoid that our neighbors would take some sort of revenge on me for ratting them out!

Okay, back to the proposal.

During our visit, Harry and I went to pick up ice cream from a local shop (shout out to Normal Ice Cream in SLC!) which was not a far walk from where we were staying. As soon as we stepped outside, my sister and mom immediately began setting up for the proposal. They rushed to Harry’s car and grabbed the vases, floating candles, and rose petals that he had ordered and hidden in the trunk.

Meanwhile, I was scanning the road for suspicious activity and cars that seemed out of place on our walk to get ice cream.

As they were still lighting the candles and filling the vases with water, I rang the doorbell. Apparently, the trip to the ice cream shop was shorter than expected while the time it takes to fill twenty vases with water and floating candles was longer than expected. I rang again.

No answer.

Another ring.

Still nothing.

I dialed my sister’s and my mom’s cell phone numbers and neither of them picked up. I started banging on the door, “Liz! We’re back!”

Minutes had gone by and I’m freaking out, certain that my family is either being held captive or has gotten kidnapped by our neighbors. I’m about to call the police and at the same time am wondering why Harry isn’t as scared as I am!

Image 3 of Andrea and Harry

After realizing that I wasn’t going to stop, my sister unlocks the door, and I walk in to see the half-completed set-up and it hits me. Harry planned on proposing to me. And I ruined it!

Harry and I then proceed to fill the vases and light the candles along with my mom and sister. After Harry gets down on one knee and his speech brought me to tears.

I never envisioned that I would help set up for MY OWN proposal, but I love our story and I love my fiance.