Andrea and Greg

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How We Met

Greg and I met on Match. We exchanged numbers and met up for our first date a week later. I remember the evening so clearly and still smile when I think about it. When I first saw Greg waiting at the door, he immediately caught my eye with how handsome he was. The date was perfect – we didn’t stop talking the entire time, we barely ate our food. The chemistry and the connection between us were so strong, we were smiling non-stop. Every date after that was just as great.

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A month later after meeting, Greg asked me to spend the day with him – we went to the trampoline park, then later out for dinner later, and watched the sunset at the beach. That night, he asked me to be his girlfriend. About 8 months later, we moved in together, and every day is so much better with each other’s company.

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How They Asked

We had a vacation planned to Utah for a week to visit a few national parks, but unfortunately due to the pandemic, we had to cancel our trip. I had a feeling before the trip that he was going to propose during our vacation, so I was sad that we had to cancel it but couldn’t admit part of it was for that reason. A couple of months went by, and as the COVID cases started to slow down and things started to open back up, we decided to plan a long weekend trip and decided on Montauk, NY. Fast forward to Friday; we had such a wonderful day, getting to see everything in Montauk, including enjoying the beach for a few hours, hiking national parks, and then getting takeout for dinner to enjoy on the patio of our rental.

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Greg knows I am a huge fan of sunrises and sunsets, so he was adamant that we needed to go for a sunset walk on the beach that evening. After finishing dinner and enjoying the view of the water, we dropped our shoes in the sand and continued to walk along the beach a few minutes before sunset. Greg asked me to dance with him, and he shared many of his most meaningful moments from our relationship for the last 2 years. He asked me when I thought the sunset was the perfect color, which is when I looked up and confirmed the very moment everything was perfect. Greg then said he had a question to ask me, got down on one knee, and said “Will you marry me?”. I immediately started crying and was so happy, I yelled “Yes!”

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Everything about the moment was perfect. We hugged each other for a long time and continued to walk along the beach. Greg then explained to me how he has been wanting to do this for months, and did originally plan this for our vacation in March that ended up being canceled, and was so happy that he was able to propose during our little weekend getaway. We are so excited about this new chapter in our lives.
The next day, we already had plans for a bbq with our closest friends and they surprised us with a small engagement party on top of everything else. It truly was the best weekend of my life.

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