Andrea and Gastón

How We Met

Our story began long before we met. We were both born and raised in a small city in Venezuela. The father of Gastón (now the fiancé) is the best friend of my uncle and although we frequented the same places we do not remember having coincided.

In 2010 he moved to an island in Venezuela and I moved to Chile (another country…). Logic would say that our lives would not coincide but love and destiny always have beautiful and unthinkable moves.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Santiago, Chile

Two years ago Gastón came to live in Chile; until this moment I (the bride to be) still did not know of his existence. But here, God made his first move and my cousins showed him some pictures of myself (he says it was love at first sight). So he asked them to introduce us.

Where to Propose in Santiago, Chile

After several failed attempts, we coincide on a birthday. That night was our first conversation and our first kiss. The next day we had our first date and since that day we are inseparable..

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Andrea and Gastón's Engagement in Santiago, Chile

How They Asked

The proposal came one year and five months after living together. On September 9, he asked my sister to take me out. She took me to a place where I would not suspect anything: shopping in a mall. Meanwhile, he was preparing everything in our home which we call ‘ nidito ‘(translation for nest in English).

That night we were supposed to have dinner outside at a fancy restaurant. So after a morning of shopping, my sister and I went back to my place, so I would change clothes for our important dinner that night.

When I arrived to our “nidito”. I almost passed out…The apartment was decorated by himself with roses, balloons, lights, candles, photos of us and one of my favorite songs: Just the way you are from Bruno Mars.

At that moment I realized that he was actually going to propose to me.

He said some nervous words, which I do not remember very well because I was very nervous too. I remember that he said something like this: He said that I was the queen of his life and that if I wanted to spend the rest of our lives with him.

Not even a second later, I said YES YES YES. We hug each other, we kiss each other and we cry a little bit.

Coincidentally, my family was celebrating my uncle’s birthday in a city about an hour away. We were so excited that we took the car and drove over there to tell the news to the family.

It was one of the most magical days of my life. Can’t wait to marry him next year.