Andrea and Eric

How We Met: Eric first came into my Image 1 of Andrea and Ericlife back in the summer of 2008 via Youtube. By day I would intern at the Public Theater, by night I would stay up late watching viral videos on the internet. One evening I came across a Jewish parody video called My New Haircut: Jewish Edition.

At the time, I thought the guy on screen was extremely cute, funny and right up my alley. I was smitten. I watched ALL of the videos on his channel – including the “Jewsey Shore.”
Three years passed by and while Eric’s videos were always present in the back of my mind, I never thought I would ever get the chance to meet the man known as “Niedernation.”

It was October 2011 and I had just started a new job, moved into a new apartment in Astoria and finished producing the two-woman off-off-off Broadway show “Hiding in the Girls Bathroom” starring myself and my friend Mallory. Eric was dating the director of the show at the time and from the moment I set eyes on him I knew he was special.
“You look so familiar,” I told him after our opening night, “How do I know you?” We played a losing game of Jewish geography until Eric mentioned his celebrity past. YES! That was how I knew him. We even took a photo the night we met, pointing to the camera like his alter ego did in the video (photo below).

“He’s so cute and funny and nice and charming, what do I do?” I called my Grandma the next day. She suggested I break them up. I thought better and decided to wait it out.

A few months later I received a personal facebook message from Eric. He told me he was no longer in a relationship and would like to continue being friends with me. We began going on really platonic brunch dates as “friends” but the tension was very high. After a few months of constant chatting, sending comedy videos back and forth and platonic brunch dates he finally made a move. We were standing in his apartment looking at his art collection when he leaned in and kissed me!

After that moment we took our relationship very slow and did not become “official” until four months later – March 2013. Seven years have gone by since I first saw Eric’s face and I am so happy to be able to see that face every single day going forward!

how they asked: We had plans to go out to a fancy restaurant that night for our two-year anniversary, and Eric had mentioned to me earlier in the week, “Don’t watch the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers this week – I thought on Saturday before our anniversary date, we could spend a day in and watch TV.” He also said it would be fun if we dressed up like we were going out, and then just watched TV.

The morning came, and I didn’t want to get dressed up. I just wanted to watch TV in bed! Eric made me go back to my apartment to get dressed, which was annoying, but it ended up being totally worth it. When I came back, I thought, “I’m going to take my time getting ready and I’m going to look GOOD.”

Once I was dressed, Eric and I sat down to watch our show. He excused himself from the room for a phone call. I knew he was busy at work, so I thought maybe it was that. Then, the commercial break started.

At first, our favorite commercial came on, and I was wondering where he was already. I asked what he was doing and he said he was still on the phone.

The next ad came on and it was a pharmaceutical commercial. I always pay close attention to these commercials because Eric does pharmaceutical advertising for a living. This ad seemed a little off. The audio was weird, and the words were speaking in vague brushstrokes. I couldn’t figure out what this drug was for. Then they said the name, “Engageonol, 100mg proposalin.”

I had a slow realization of what was going on, but I had no idea how it was happening. The ad continued to say that side effects include things like increased heart rate, loss of speech, tearing, etc. Then it said, “Talk to your doctor, or get up and go into the next room… Andrea.”

I got up and there were rose petals on the floor leading to the bedroom, and also in the bedroom. Eric was standing there with the ring in one hand, and he had a bouquet of roses.

Image 2 of Andrea and Eric

He had hidden cameras set up, and the video is included in this submission. I don’t remember him getting down on one knee, but he did, and I happily said yes!

We then called all of our family and friends, and we want out to the fancy dinner that we had planned for our anniversary.