Andrea and David

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How We Met

Long story short, I met my boyfriend in 2019 when we matched on bumble while he was on vacation with his grandparents in Miami (where I lived at the time). I had barely used the app at that point because I was trying to apply to graduate school when I matched with him. He was very interested and tried to go on a date that same weekend but I declined because I found out he was not local and I didn’t want to do long distance while I was prioritizing applying to school. Fast forward 2 months later and he kept in touch and was texting me and calling to chat frequently we got to know each other really well but had never met in person (only facetime). We were just developing a friendship and then he asked if I’d be willing to hang out with him in person if he came down to Miami again and I agreed. He then drove 8 hours from where he lived to take me to a movie (which I thought was crazy but showed his commitment). Shortly after we started dating I got into grad school and had to do long distance anyways which he agreed to do without hesitation…..while in school the COVID pandemic happened and I got stuck in his town after I flew down due to wanting to go on a cruise during my spring break….. the cruise got canceled and I ended up having to quarantine with him due to the country shutting down…. fast forward a bit more and I ended up getting my first job out of grad school there after graduation and have been living in the same town with him since… definitely a crazy story.

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How They Asked

He took me to a private bonfire with s’mores on the beach the day before my birthday and told me that a photographer came with a bonfire package price so he would come to take cute couples pictures of us since we never had any professional ones taken. We had several photos taken by the water and then the photographer made me face the ocean a little awkwardly which made me question how weird the photo would look… but then the photographer asked me to turn around and I saw my boyfriend on one knee holding a ring box and it was all caught on camera!

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