Andrea and Dan

Image 1 of Andrea and DanTwo weeks after I graduated from the University of Kansas, I started my new job at an advertising agency in downtown Kansas City, MO. The Friday night of my first week, a group of new employees decided to go to a rooftop happy hour in a popular area. A few days earlier, a girl that I had just started working with told me that she knew “the perfect guy” for me. Cue my skeptical eye-roll. Little did I know, she told Dan, who she knew through friends at the University of Missouri, that she had met “the perfect girl” for him. Just to show how much he didn’t believe that he was meeting this “perfect girl,” Dan jokingly created an event in the calendar on his phone that started that Friday night and lasted for the next 80 years, entitled, “Wife Meeting.”

Fast-forward to the actual happy hour, on June 10, 2012. My coworker introduced me to a different guy named Dan, who seemed to be more interested in the soccer game on TV than he was in talking to anyone. “My” Dan saw that as an opportunity to come over, shake my hand, and say, “…and I’m the cool Dan.” I laughed at his corny introduction, and we talked for almost an hour, tuning out the bar noise around us.

The next day, we hung out again with a group of friends, and that was it. We both knew that our connection was special. Very early in our relationship, we found “our spot” on a bridge overlooking a creek, close to where we met and where he lived at the time. Shortly after we met, after the first time I met his parents, that’s where we first realized that we were in love. The view from our spot is so beautiful — overlooking both the water and the city. From that day forward, we always made it a point to stop there on our long walks and acknowledged it every time we drove by.

Image 2 of Andrea and Dan

On October 19, 2013, Dan told me we were going to a friend’s house. To get there, we would have to walk past our spot on the bridge. As we approached our spot, I noticed three men dressed in shabby clothing sitting by the side of the bridge, holding a sign that said, “Donate 2 Win a Free iPad.” Dan walked over to the men and gave them a dollar, and to my surprise, they handed him an iPad! I quickly realized that the three men by the bridge were Dan’s best friends in disguise. Dan took me over to our spot and played me a video that he and compiled on the iPad. Throughout the months leading up to this day, Dan had been collecting short videos from my dearest friends and family from all over the world — as far away as Paris and Denmark. Everyone had submitted a video in which they creatively encouraged me to “Say Yes.”

Image 3 of Andrea and Dan

As I was still ugly-crying from the sweet, beautiful video, Dan got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.

Image 4 of Andrea and Dan

He whisked me away to a nearby hotel, where all of our friends and family were waiting to celebrate at an amazing cocktail hour. We were married on November 15, 2014, and I still can’t believe how incredible our story has been so far. I suppose that fateful “Wife Meeting” calendar event worked out, after all.

Image 5 of Andrea and Dan

Image 6 of Andrea and Dan

Professional pictures by Andrea DeLong. Proposal pictures by close friend, Felicia Fisher