Andrea and Charles

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How We Met

It was wedding season and I had a friend’s wedding coming up. I needed a date to the wedding, so my roommate and I went on the lookout. She told me she had a friend that could possibly be my date and she immediately texted him to see if he would be willing to be my date. He luckily had that day off work, so he told her he would be my date. He went to the same college as me and I had seen him when I was in college but had never talked to him. My roommate set up a lunch date so we could meet before the wedding.

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The lunch date went great and I was so excited to have met Charles that day. He asked me for my number and we talked everyday until the wedding day came. We went to my friend’s wedding together and he spent all that time meeting some of my friends. He was the best date! After the wedding things had gone so well that he asked me out on our first real date together. I was so nervous to go with him but being with him felt like I had known him for such a long time. Following that date, we kept talking every single day and he asked me to be his girlfriend weeks later at a Texas Rangers baseball game. Since then we have been inseparable and am so lucky to have met the guy I am going to spend the rest of my life with!

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how they asked

We had planned to go to the Dallas Arboretum with some of our best friends just to go have fun and take some pictures. It was going to be on a Saturday morning. The day finally came and I woke up feeling sick. I wanted to cancel our plans to go to the Arboretum, but Charles told me to dress up and that it would be fun. Without thinking, I dressed up and we were on our way there. When we got there, we parked and had to meet up with our friends so we could walk together. While we were walking around I had no idea my parents, Charles mom and the photographer were waiting around for the exact proposal time to come. We kept walking around and taking some pictures. Since I love pictures, I kept walking around and looking for picture spots. Little did I know, Charles had come to the Arboretum days before this and had drawn a map for the photographer and our parents to get to the exact location.

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We got to this beautiful area and Charles kept looking at his watch. He told me to go take some pictures with him so there we went. After a couple of minutes, I turned around and I saw my parents walking down to where we were. I immediately started crying and Charles got down on one knee. It was such a magical moment! After the proposal, he took me to my parents house where he had planned an engagement party for us. He has invited all my best friends and they all surprised me when I got there.

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I was so happy that I got to share this moment not only with the man of my dreams but with my family and friends as well. I am so excited for our happily ever after!

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