Andrea and Chad

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How We Met

Chad and I met through mutual friends and had our first real interaction while on a triple date with other people during summer of 2007.

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As we got to know each other, I think we both knew that it would eventually lead to something more than just a friendship.

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In October of 2007, Chad had went on vacation to visit his niece in California. While he was away, we both realized how much we missed each others company.

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When he came back, we reunited at a party and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Chad and I decided to book a trip to San Francisco, California over the 4th of July holiday weekend. My firm was giving me the time off and I figured it was a great time to do it, especially since I would be starting a new role when we returned from the break.

California had held a special place in both of our hearts, as we loved to travel there and had done so in the past, but never together. We were excited to experience it together. We mapped out certain things to do during the time we were there and the only day that we left open was the day that we arrived.

I wasn’t sure how we would feel after the long travel from New York, so we figured we would play it by ear. When we arrived that day and got settled into the hotel, Chad said that he wanted to go to the Golden Gate Bridge to take some pictures. Although we were stopping there the following day on a wine tour to Napa, he insisted that he wanted to just explore on our own so we had enough time.

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I didn’t think anything of it because he enjoys exploring new destinations and taking pictures. When we arrived at the Welcome Center at the Golden Gate Bridge, it was freezing. I hadn’t brought a jacket so we made a stop in the gift shop. With hesitation, we proceeded with my typical bright pink tourist sweatshirt to the bridge for some pictures.

Chad took me down a few different paths near the bridge to find the perfect spot for his “picture”. Annoyed that he was dragging me all over, I trailed behind him waiting for him to make up his mind. Finally, we found a quiet spot which overlooked the bridge on one side and San Francisco on the other, it was perfect.

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I walked to the end of the path to take my own pictures (the view was breathtaking) and when I turned around to share my photos, Chad was down on one knee with a blue box in his hand.

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I was so surprised and couldn’t believe what was happening. It felt like a dream. After he proposed (which included a heartfelt speech), I noticed that there was a family behind him that ran over to congratulate us. Little did I know in the short time I was taking my pictures, he had approached an English family who was also on vacation, to ask that they capture the entire thing! It was a special moment that I wish I could re-live every day of my life.

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