Andrea and Brendan

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How We Met

We first started talking to each other through an online dating app. Then ended up meeting a few months later at the Dallas World Aquarium.

how they asked

We flew out to LA for the Thanksgiving week. Along with his brother, father and best friend. It was set to be a cold water scuba diving trip and to explore around the city. Our diving charter boat set out first thing Monday morning for Catalina Island and the sorroundings. We were doing a total of 3 dives. Due to the cold water we were sporting full on wetsuits and diving gear. He wore a drysuit, where the air from the tank keeps you dry while in the water. The first dive was absolutely beautiful. Filled with tall kelp forests at 30ft deep, bright orange swimming fish and plenty of other sea life. After coming up to the boat, I decided I would only be doing 2 dives and let him know. We moved to the location of the second diving site and went back down. The second dive was beautiful as well, more fish, sea life and less kelp. After surfacing the captain had me come up first on the boat so I could rinse with warm water. I turn around and all of a sudden there he is. On one knee with a tuxedo underneath his drysuit. In his hand a beautiful ring inside a clam like ring holder. He says “Andrea, I found this in the ocean. Will you marry me?”. I was shocked, wondering how he got into the tux and said my answer. Yes! Afterwards it was pure happiness and love. An unforgettable moment.

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