Andrea and Bobby

how they asked

It was a typical Sunday night. Bobby and I were sitting on the couch, watching tv in our PJs, when he turned to me and said “okay so I have an anniversary present for you. We’re going on a trip. We leave tomorrow and come back on Saturday”. We had just celebrated our six year anniversary a few days prior but I was completely caught off guard! The next 24 hour consisted of me asking a million questions as to where we were going, who else knew we were going on this trip, what we were doing on the trip, etc, but Bobby stuck to his guns and gave me little to no information (other than what the weather would be like so I knew what type of clothing to pack).

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

When we finally arrived at the airport, he gave me an anniversary card with our flight information inside. Paris.

Where to Propose in Paris, France

Fast forward to Wednesday night. He let me know he had dinner reservations for us but again, gave no other information. As we walked to what I thought was going to be a restaurant, I noticed he was leading me towards the Seine (a beautiful river that runs through Paris). We walked down to the water and towards a private boat. He then said we had a pre-dinner activity and led me on the boat where we were greeted by a tour guide and champagne. The sites from the boat ride were incredible! Our tour guide let us know that the Eiffel Tower was coming up so we should pose for a picture. As she took Bobby’s phone for the picture, he got down on one knee and I instantly started to cry.

I cannot wait to spend the rest of my forever with him.