Andrea and Blake

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How We Met

Believe it or not, we met in high school. We shared the same leadership class.

Time passes, Andi goes to college in 2013, and I finish high school in 2014. However, just before I moved to Lubbock, Texas for freshman year of undergrad, I went to Florida with some friends, ending up just 30 minutes from where Andi and was staying with family.

Seeing an opportunity to spend some time with a beautiful girl that I had always – admittedly – had a crush on, I convinced my friends to take the trip to Destin. After a shorter amount of time than either of us liked, my friends decided to leave. However, my friend ended up stealing a beloved Brazil-themed soccer ball from her family.

After many calls by Andi, I agreed to return the ball to its rightful owner. When we got back to Coppell, Andi swung by my house to get back the prized ball. The ensuing conversation would change our lives forever – whether we knew it or not.

“Well, thanks for the ball back. We should hangout sometime before you leave for Tech!”, said Andi. “Well”, I retorted, sarcastically, “are we actually going to hang out? Or are you just saying that?”

Flustered by how blunt I was, Andi obliged me, and we went on our first date. Afterwards, we parted ways and talked for months, culminating in me asking Andi out just before the end of Winter Break at the beginning of 2015.

Long distance relationship begins, and lasts a full year and a half, until I moved back to North Texas in the summer of 2016.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cinemark Movie Theater

Andrea and Blake's Engagement in Cinemark Movie Theater

Proposal Ideas Cinemark Movie Theater

how they asked

Time passes; in October 2017, Andi is under the impression that she and I are headed to a movie and dinner date with my parents. We had always valued movie theaters – we went nearly every week. It was at the movies that we got to know each other better and bask in the silence between us while being carried away by the stories unfolding on the screen in front of us.

However, when we finally get to the theater, I’m nervous – and I think she can tell. Beforehand in the parking lot, I thought for a moment that I had forgotten the bag holding the ring box at her house. In my panic I mumble something about “forgetting a jacket that my mom needed” while rifling through the back seat. Puzzled, she asks me what I mean. I thankfully find the bag under my car seat, and breathe a sigh of relief. After telling her everything is fine and dandy, we enter the theater. Wanting to hurry things along due to the nature of the surprise, I tell her that we’ll get popcorn after we get settled in.

I believe this is most likely where she began to suspect something was not normal. If anyone knows Andi, and lots of people do, they’d know the most important thing to Andi – besides me, hopefully – is movie theater popcorn. We will sometimes drive to the movie theater solely to get Andi some popcorn due to her love for it. This time was no different and she seemed a little miffed at not getting the popcorn as soon as we came in.

So a confused, rightly upset, and whirlwinded Andi walks into the theater with me, and sees me reach for my pocket. I reveal a ring box, and kneel down, giving a heartfelt speech and asking for her hand in marriage with the following speech:

“Andi, when I first started dating you, I was immature, young, stupid, and stuck in my ways. You took me in – and loved me in spite of that. When I was callous and cynical, you were passionate and full of zeal for life. I was reluctant to transformation, and without knowing it, you told me to take my time. I look at you now, beautiful and careful, brilliant and kind, patient and wonderful; I could not have designed our love in my wildest dreams – in any timeline I imagined I could never have thought I deserved this kind of love from you.

You have given to me a gift that is impossible to repay – something intangible but wholly tactile. I want to spend the rest of my life attempting to give to you what you freely hand to me every day. I want to show you how I care for you in the car rides we take together coming home late at night. I want to paint our future together in the colors of your mornings and in the pallets you use to shade your dusks. I want to love you in ways that are visible and invisible – I want to be a mirror for your love, showing back to you the kind of love you show me.

I want to stop the use of these pronouns that are so impersonal: I and you. I want it to become “we”. I love you with everything that I am, Andi. You are my sun and my moon and my stars and my sky. Will you marry me?”

Outside the theater, our families were ready to surprise Andi with love and well-wishes.

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