Andrea and Andrew


How We Met

Attending the same church youth group, we were bound to meet eventually. But it wasn’t love at first sight. Summer of 2008, my friend and I spotted a lonely boy at one of our events so we went to introduce ourselves to the quiet kid. We were 14 years old at the time. He didn’t say much, so being the friendly person I am, I made it my goal to say hi to him every chance I could at church. After a while, he ignored me. I thought he hated me, but really he thought I was cute and it made him nervous. Fast forward to Summer 2010, hadn’t said a word to the guy in over a year and he caught my eye for the first time as he was leading worship on Sunday morning. I was already close friends with his friends so slowly but surely, as I made my way into his circle, “us” happened. He told me he liked me, We both agreed to group date at first, then 9 months later, he finally asked me out on June 10, 2011. He ended up going to northern Arizona university the following year, this beginning our long distance relationship from Southern California to Northern Arizona. Many trials but oh so worth it.

how they asked

It was a Friday and it was our 5 year anniversary. He showed up at my work 30 minutes after I did in the morning and told me that my boss gave me the day off and we can leave. After much hesitating and a phone call to the boss lady to make sure, we began our day anniversary date. First stop was to a train station we had taken Homecoming pictures at back in 2010. We enjoyed each other’s company over coffee and Jesus. Second stop was San Clemente beach- first date location. Where we had a fabulous burrito lunch on the sand. Quick pit stop to my home so I can get dressed for “dinner” that night.


Third stop to Tewinkle park where we used to go on dates in Costa Mesa. Fourth stop was to Newport Beach for drinks where we had our first kiss. Then we were headed to our regular sushi restaurant in Laguna Beach for dinner. He parks farthest away from the restaurant, says he’s not hungry yet, and wants to walk the beach first. Understandable so we go. Montage Beach in Laguna, walking the path and he sees an overlook says he wants to check it out. He spots dead flower petals in the shape of a heart on a lower cliff and points them out to me, quickly saying he didn’t do it. (He didn’t.) Jumps the small fence to get down to the lower cliff and asks if I am feeling risky. All was going to fast, I didn’t have time to realize what was even happening. We are looking out from this lower cliff and standing in the heart, and I start getting nervous. I turn around and he begins his speech. He told me he loves me, (until this day we had not said the words “I love you” to each other. He told me on our first date that those words are powerful and he only wants to say them to one person. And if he ever says that to someone, his next words will be “will you marry me”), he said he wanted to share with me the 5 most important locations throughout the last 5 years. Then. He got down on one knee.



I began to bawl. And he asked me to marry him.

Started dating on June 10th 2010. Got engaged on June 10th 2016. And will be getting married on June 10th 2017. Ecstatic is an understatement.





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