Andrea and Andrew

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How We Met

Andy and I met in early-Spring 2013 playing co-ed, adult league softball for Play Baltimore in Baltimore County, MD. I had already been on the team for a few seasons when Andy and his coworker Jasen joined (they found the team the same way I did-on Craiglist, however, Jasen was supposed to be looking up wedding venues for his own wedding and instead found a softball team! I will be forever grateful that he got himself distracted because it allowed Andy and I the chance to meet!).

We started out as casual friends, however, there was always some level of flirtation there. There was one week that Andy was away that I took the opportunity to get the low-down on his relationship status from Jasen (single, yay!). The following week when Andy was back, I proceeded to put ALL my moves on him. LOL. There was the “Hey, we should switch sunglasses, it’ll be really funny” to the “Give me a piggy-back ride, it’ll be fun” (did I mention I’m not very good or subtle with flirting?). I knew it was all systems go when we had what I like to call an “extended high-five,” it’s where you go for a normal high-five, but your hands linger and touch for a bit. I got such butterflies when it happened! I knew at that point that he was actually interested in me! That day we ended up staying several hours past our original game time just hanging out with our friends and each other. It was a great day! The next day we hung out for the first time outside of softball at a street festival in Towson, MD. Ever since then (over 4.5 years later), we’ve been inseparable. :)

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how they asked

On the morning of April 2, 2017, Andy and I were preparing to leave our AirBnB and go on a cave tour at Harrison’s Cave in Barbados (We were in Barbardos to celebrate our 30th birthdays-mine on 4/4 and Andy’s on 4/10). After a quick breakfast and coffee, I was in the bedroom/bathroom getting ready for the day. I came out of the bedroom, and saw that Andy had been hard at work! There were rose and flower petals on the floor leading out of our bedroom and down the long hallway to the sunroom and dining room. (Apparently, on his morning runs that week, Andy had be diligently collecting flower petals from the garden outside and down the road from where we were staying!) I followed the petals down the hallway and around the corner where I found Andy; standing dressed-up in nice pants and a button down shirt. (It was already about 80 degrees in our AirBNB since there was no air conditioning, so he was feeling pretty warm by that point!) On the dining room table, there was a heart made out of the seaglass we had collected in the days prior while on our vacation. I was giggling like crazy because I was so excited! He proceeded to get down on knee and told me that for the last 3.5 years, I had taught him to be a better man. He said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me if I would be his wife. I, of course, said yes, but only after I asked him if he was sure he wanted to marry me! (I can be a lot to handle LOL). I told him that I’ve wanted to marry him since the 1st week I knew him, and I just was waiting for him to come around and figure out that we were meant to be together! :)

It was all completely perfect. I loved everything about that day. Our proposal was great because it was so intimate and sentimental. We didn’t have photographers or our families/ was just us, and that was the best thing ever. It’s something only he and I will share for the rest our lives. :)

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