Andrea and Andres' Proposal Story

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How we met: Andres and I met in our tenth grade chemistry class. He likes to tell everyone that “we’ve had chemistry since the tenth grade,” but we actually haven’t (haha!). We had classes together in high-school and we got along, but it wasn’t until college that God started binding our paths together, many years later. At that time, I was working with a team to bring earthquake relief to a camp in Haiti and I got a call from Andres wanting to know about what we were doing and how he could be involved so we decided to meet up. I am not lying when I say that the second he stepped out of his car, I had an immediate attraction to him that I had never felt for him before. It felt like there was a firework show in my tummy and all of a sudden I was nervous around him. That night I got on my knees and started praying about this man and within five months we were engaged to be married.

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The Proposal Story: It was no surprise that a big proposal was coming my way, we had talked about it and I knew that it would be happening in the next two months. It was December, and Andres asked me to plan a surprise birthday party for his birthday in January. Yes, you read that correctly my then boyfriend did ask me to plan a surprise party for him (haha!). So I did, with the help of his parents. We had also planned that the day of the party I would keep Andres out of the house until it was time for him to come in and be “surprised.” Andres ended up taking over my date and actually took me out on a date! I started to become suspicious because my best friends and my mom are HORRIBLE at keeping secrets and I am very difficult to surprise. They were asking me what I was going to wear and almost started crying when I picked my outfit and told me how beautiful I looked. My friends are encouraging but they don’t just cry over cute outfits.

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So, Andres picked me up for our date and my mom was insistent on taking photos of us – clue number two! I just knew he was proposing that day! After he took me to lunch at the restaurant where we had our first date, he noticed that I was acting funny and he asked about it and I told him that I had a feeling he was proposing to me that day and that I was nervous. He very calmly told me that he was not proposing that day and that he wanted me to stop thinking about it and enjoy our date because he did not want me to be disappointed.

Then he took me to the Getty Villa in Malibu which is beautiful and would be an amazing proposal site! There is this long infinity pool there and beyond the pool is the view of the ocean so it looks like the pool is disappearing into the ocean – it’s gorgeous. Andres brought me over to the front of the pool and took my hands and I thought to myself “ok, this is it this is the most romantic place ever and he is about to ask me to marry him!”

He said to me, “Andrea, you are beautiful and I am so happy to be with you, are you ready to head back home?”

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WHAT!? I was disappointed and I finally accepted that this was just not the day that he was going to propose.

So we went back to his parents house. When we got there Andres wanted to thank everyone for coming and so he started his toast. I was zoning out while he was telling everyone how thankful he was for them and then he said, “I am most thankful for my girlfriend,” and then it hit me, he was (finally!) about to propose! So I looked at him and he realized that I realized what was going on and he became very nervous and barely squeezed out the words “will you marry me.”

To be honest I do not really remember the next few minutes but I know that I said yes and now I have a wonderful husband!

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Photography by Southern California Wedding Photographer Candice Benjamin.