Andrea and Andre

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Benagil Caves, Alrgarve, Portugal

How We Met

We met at a friend’s birthday BBQ in July of 2008. I was 16 at the time and he was 19. I knew about him from friends but never met in person. He was known around my high school as the “party guy” and everyone knew his name. He was quite the popular guy back then.

Anyway, I was sitting outside in the backyard as more people were arriving to celebrate my friend’s birthday. The moment he walked in the door, we immediately locked eyes and smiled. It seems quite surreal now that I think about it because that type of stuff only happens in movies but it really did happen! After saying happy birthday to our mutual friend, he headed straight to me me and asked if I’d like anything to drink. I replied that I was 16 and not old enough to drink to which he seemed a bit upset… oopps! We spent the whole night talking and I found out he had a girlfriend! Mind you, even if he was single at the time, I was still too young for him.

As time went on, we became good friends and tried to keep in touch most of the time, however, I was NOTORIOUS for loosing my phone! I was such a clumsy person back then! Every time we started getting into serious conversations I would lose my phone and totally not on purpose! It seemed as if destiny was telling us to hold on a little longer.

Two years went by and we had lost touch almost completely. (Facebook was just starting out then and he didn’t have one which made it that much more difficult to keep in touch with him). One day, we got invited to watch another friend’s soccer game. Neither of us had any idea we’d see each other there. The first half of the game finished and as I was about to leave, I spotted him a few benches above. He saw me too and called me over. We spent the rest of the game talking and laughing and this time we were both single! The same day, we went shopping together and he was just such a gentleman! There was only one small problem…..I didn’t have a phone! My phone had fallen down and broken in half the week prior (I’m not joking when I said I had BAD LUCK with phones!). Luckily my best friend was with me and he got her number instead so he could keep in touch with me. My friend and I were always together so it worked out. This went on for about 2 months until I finally got a phone. Things were now starting to get serious between us and at the beginning of August of 2010, he breaks his phone! At this point, I only had to wait a couple of days before he got a new one and so we began fully dating in mid-August 2010 BUT he never asked me to be his girlfriend..hahaha!

At the beginning of December of that year, we were sitting in the car outside my house when he asked me, “so, umm are you my girlfriend? or?” jokingly I said…”well you never asked” and so he finally asked me to be his girlfriend officially but because we had been dating since the summer, I decided that our anniversary would be in August and he picked the 15th because that’s the day he got paid, hahaha. And here we are, 8 years later, both wedding planners and are happy to say that our anniversary is August 15, 2010.

Funny enough, neither of us has lost or broken a phone since we began dating!

how they asked

After 6 years of being together and both being wedding planners, we kept getting asked when it was going to happen. I was in absolutely no rush as I knew he was the one I would marry. He kept bringing me into stores to see rings since we were about 4 years in so I really had no idea when it would happen.

On August 15, 2017, we celebrated our 7th anniversary and everyone said he would propose then….but he didn’t. Unfortunately a day later, on August 16th, my grandmother passed away and the engagement was the last thing on my mind. We had already planned to go to Portugal (where he is from), at the end of August but at this point, I had no intention of going. On one hand I was excited because I had never been to Europe but on the other hand, I didn’t want to leave my mother here going through this alone. Everyone talked me into going and on August 27th we hopped on that plane. We landed in Lisbon and drove to the Algarve where we were staying. Upon our arrival at the hotel, he tells me that the next day we would be going to the beach. With that in mind, I woke up the next day and got beach ready. He then tells me to change because we’d be going somewhere nicer and not the beach. I changed into a blue dress, put my hair up, put on some make-up and off we went. Low and behold…we get to the beach!

Where to Propose in Benagil Caves, Alrgarve, Portugal

At this point, I was starting to get mad because he had asked me to change and I didn’t have any of my beach stuff (I always like to be ready for everything!). He then tells me to wait and disappears. He comes back 5 minutes later with a kayak and says “get in.” Now, to get onto the kayak, we had to get into the water; 1. If you’ve ever been to Portugal, you would know that the water is FREEZING COLD! which is something I HATE! 2. I don’t like getting my clothes wet if I don’t have anything to change into (which I didn’t) and 3. This is not what we agreed to! Needless to say, I was completely furious and wanted nothing to do with the caves we were about to see. The whole way there (which was about 15 minutes in the open water!!!), I was cursing at him and telling him I just wanted to go back to the hotel and relax. He kept quiet and I thought he got the point but later tells me he was laughing the whole way, (I couldn’t see him because he was right behind me).

Anywho, we get to the cave and we both had the brilliant idea of getting out at the same time…which failed because he fell into the water! We get to the cave and it was beautiful. But because I was so mad, I didn’t really care for it and just wanted to go back. He agreed and wanted to take a picture before we left. We asked many people to take a picture of us but some refused and the rest didn’t speak English, Spanish or Portuguese! He finally got a British couple to take a picture of us and while he was explaining to them that he was going to propose, I got asked to take a picture of another Spanish couple who had just gotten to the cave.

Everything was ready and so he called me over to take a picture and that’s when he proposed! He started out with a “baby you know I love you” and I just started crying. He had this long speech prepared which he said as he was crying as well. It was a perfect proposal that I had no idea would happen.

Once we got back to the hotel, he said he wanted our vacation to be our first one engaged! He also told me that he had asked my parents for my hand in marriage and they said it would be a great idea and some happy news after everything that had happened.

Let’s just say the waterworks didn’t end there!

Now we’re super excited to plan our wedding along with the rest of our clients!