Andrea and Alejandro

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How We Met

We met 8 years ago at school. He was on 9th grade and I was on 8th grade, we were friends all those years and went to the same university.

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It was not until November 2011 that we decided to be a couple, as all relationships had high and low but always together!

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When we had 3 years of relationship, Alejandro went to live in Spain and I to USA and despite having so many miles away we were stronger than ever.

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In 2015 we both moved to a new country and it has been the best experience of our lives ever since.

how they asked

On November 18 the day of our 5th anniversary, Alejandro already had plans .. He wanted to take me to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. That same day, I did not feel like doing anything just wanted to stay at home and he insisted that we should go because it was our anniversary.

When we finally arrived, it was beautiful! We were walking for a while to distract myself, my mom was with us and she was who took the photos while we walked the Museum. At noon he took me to a bridge that had an spectacular view and told me to look at the water that there were some alligators.

Then my mom says that we should take a picture with our hands clasped (and she knew everything because she was accomplice).

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when suddenly I see Alejandro kneel down and with a small box in his hand saying that today in our 5th anniversary.

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He wants to spend a whole life next to me, I was in shock for a few seconds and then I scream of course I want to marry you! I could not believe how beautiful my ring was!

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Behind us a photographer came (who was also accomplice) who had been following us all day while we made the tour of the museum. It was a magic day!

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