Andrea and Aaron

Proposal Ideas Camelback Mountain

How We Met

Aaron and I met 6 years ago while going to school in Chicago. We were just friends the first year we met. Then, at a mutual friend’s birthday party, he confessed how he felt about me. Proof that it is possible to get out of the “friend-zone”, guys! What I love most about Aaron is his constant ability to make me laugh. Like, tears-streaming-down-my-face laugh. Now matter what life throws at us, he is my rock.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Camelback Mountain

how they asked

For the past 3 years, everyone was asking, “so when are you getting married? when’s the wedding?” My wheels started spinning every time we would take a trip, or go on a date. I would think, “could this be it? could this be when he proposes?” Finally for the last 6 months, I stopped expecting it, because, well, I was driving myself crazy! Don’t get me wrong, we had talked about our future and marriage, so I knew it would come eventually, I just stopped thinking about how it would happen. Two weeks ago, we went to see my family to celebrate the holiday in Arizona. And then, it happened. When I least expected it! On a random Thursday morning. The first day we were there, my mom suggested we go on a hike. This is not out of the ordinary, we typically go on at least one hike while we are visiting. So, once we get to the top, Aaron suggests that we take a picture together. I am a wedding photographer, so I can be a bit of a brat when it comes to photos. I refused to go up on the rock he was standing at because the sun was really bright and the angle was bad. Keep in mind, my whole family knew what was going on, but didn’t push it because they didn’t want to give anything away. Eventually Aaron came down where I was standing, he grabbed my hand and said, “Andrea, I love you.” I kind of blew him off, still oblivious and said “Yeah, I love you too, now let’s go stand over here for the picture.” I turned around and there he was on one knee! (In the most awkward, rocky park of the trail…poor guy.) But, it was still picture-perfect!