Andre and Litiana

How We Met

We knew each other since we were kids during our Christian conventions we used to bump into each other and I used to annoy her and call her a white rat ?. But as we grew we went out of touch and one day met online. (Instagram) so chatting lead to an exchange of phone numbers and then it turned to long hours of talking and laughter. So the first time we met after years was in 2016 August she lived in Mysore and I lived in Mumbai so I had to travel 10 hours continuously and finally met her. Her parents were somehow cooperatively strict ?. So when her dad asked me “why are you here” my answer was , “because I love your daughter and I wanna marry her” he was stunned and his reply was “so have you come to ask me for permission” and I was like “no I came to just keep you informed about me marrying her” ????

How They Asked

After dating for 2 years I decided to take her to an Old palace which is now converted into a 5-star hotel. Had the lobby booked and then out of the blue went on one knee. She was shocked beyond belief because she did not see that coming from a mile away. Because she wanted to get married in 2019 but I kept telling her I can’t happen for the next 5 years (i was annoying her as usual) so you can imagine how surprised she was when I proposed to her. And the next month I hosted a grand traditional Indian engagement party and announced to the world that we’re getting married.

Special Thanks

Ram Bherwani
 | Photographer
Ram Bherwani
 | Videographer