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How We Met

We were friends for a year and a half before we deiced to take that step into boyfriend and girlfriend. Then we were dating officially for about a year and a half before we got engaged. We took things slow initially because neither of us was really looking for a husband or wife at the time. We both wanted something fun, exciting, and meaningful. We would never have thought this would be our last relationship yet at the same time neither of us wanted something temporary. We took the time to get to know each other, and in doing so found out more about ourselves.

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During that time we watched each other grow, mature, and flourish. We had become each other’s cheerleaders and support systems for the ups and downs life would throw our way. We pushed each other to be great with a loving kindness. It was such a gradual progression to the moment where I knew she was the one, I can’t even place my finger on the moment when it happened. All I knew is that when it happened I was going to make the proposal as amazing as I could.

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how they asked

For a few weeks leading up to the engagement, I told my fiancee that we would be going to a Gala at Minute Maid Stadium. She was excited to get dressed up and have a good time. On the way over I told her it would be so cool if we were able to get a picture on the field of the recently crowned World Series Champion, Houston Astros. Keep in mind this was before the season started so the last game that had been played on the field was in the World Series. But back to the story, both of our families are at the stadium already hiding in the dugout waiting for us to arrive.I told my fiancee that my Dad and Step-Mom would be going to the “gala” with us, so she expected them but her mom, son, dad, and a few of my family members were all there to surprise her. Upon arrival, I call my dad (who you can hear in the video talking) to come lead us to where the “gala” was taking place. Of course, he is in on the surprise but so is all the staff and everyone at minute maid park as well. We get in the elevator and my dad asks if we have ever been on the field, and we respond no. Then he turns to our escort and asks them if we could head down to see it. The escort then makes a call on his walkie-talkie to ask his boss if that is ok.

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Then they have a fake about him never being able to do this again. After which he tells us “I would have done it anyway”. We make our way to the field where we head to home plate and that is where the video starts. We pose for a few fake photos when I suggest another pose, getting down on one knee and popping the question. She says yes before I even get done asking. She is so excited and shocked. We then hear a loud cheer which happens to be the staff for the Astros and Minute Maid Stadium who heard about the proposal and watched from the press box.

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Then her family emerges out of the dug-out with flowers and congratulations. The photographer who had been in the opposing teams dug-out the entire time taking photos emerged, and we have a mini photo shoot to commemorate the moment. Then there was a surprise for even me. The Astros had set up a press-conference for us. We were asked a series of questions and announced the merger of the Andre Smith and Lauren Griggs. If you’re curious to see it, it’s on my Instagram account at scenes_by_dre. It was definitely a night to remember and one neither of us will ever forget.

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