Andie and Matt

How We Met

We met 4.5 years ago on a Hinge dating app. Our first date was at Mario’s Cigar bar in San Francisco.

How They Asked

We were in Santa Cruz with friends celebrating Matt’s 30th Birthday. The plan was to meet at the beach and drink beers for sunset (which is something we do often, living in California). My good friend Amber and I arrived a bit late and went down to the beach to find everyone else.

Where to Propose in Panther Beach, California

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Panther Beach, California

During the low tide, another secluded becomes accessible through an opening in the rock wall. As soon as we got down there, Amber ran off to the secluded beach to “find everyone else and take pictures of the sunset”. I soon went over to the secluded beach as well, finding Matt on one knee asking me to spend the rest of our lives together!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Panther Beach, California

Special Thanks

Amber Nelson
 | Photographer