Andie and Christian

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How We Met

Christian and I met one weekend night at one of our local bars called “The Ruck”. I was there with some friends and praying that my personal trainer at that time didn’t come in and see me eating tons of food and having some cocktails. Of course, he walked in and noticed me. We started laughing and I made sure to let him know I wasn’t throwing all of my well thought out meal plans and hard work go to waste!! As our conversation continued, Christian – who had trained with the same trainer before, walked up to say hello to him. The trainer quickly scooted out of the conversation and left us to chat with each other. We exchanged numbers and didn’t think much of it. The next day, Easter, Christian sent me a text wishing me a Happy Easter. We chatted all day about what we were doing with our family and how the day was going. That evening, I mentioned to Christian that I was heading back to The Ruck that night with my cousins and he was welcome to stop by. He did, and things have been growing ever since!

how they asked

I have loved the band The Lumineers for so so long now. Last June (I believe), Christian asked me if I wanted to attend the concert at the local Ommegang Brewery. We went, were almost first row, and it was the most amazing and beautiful concert ever. After the show we realized that the Lumineers were really our thing. A few months later we even named our puppy Elouise after their song! Now fast forward to the proposal! On a whim, Christian was checking out the Lumineers site and came across their post about being on Good Morning America. He quickly signed up for tickets and was super excited to share this with me. We set up our schedules and work week perfectly to leave late Thursday evening to be in line first thing in the morning for the Good Morning America concert. We left Albany, NY around 11pm and arrived in Times Square at 2am. We went to a 24 hour diner and had a bite to eat and around 3 AM decided we should start to heard towards Central Park. The tickets explained we needed to be at the concert no later than 5am, and I knew that a free concert of the Lumineers would be packed. Well I was wrong!

We arrived at Central Park at 3:30 AM and NO ONE was in line! I jokingly asked Christian and the security guard if he had rented out Central Park and The Lumineers to propose to me – both laughed, pretty hard! After hours of waiting, it was finally time to enter for the concert. We were just about front row, a few children in front of us for a school trip. We watched the sound check and it was a few minutes before the show would start. I was beginning to get a little tired, as we had yet to sleep and were standing around for hours waiting for the show to start. Christian asked me to take a photo – now i’m sure all ladies will understand this – I had the same make up and hair done since Thursday AM at 6:30 for when I went to work, no sleep, and couldn’t even bring a water into the concert! Let’s just say, I wasn’t feeling my best for a photo. THEN he asked for ANOTHER picture!

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He put his arm around me and something caught my eye – the ring! I instantly started crying. Everyone around us began yelling and everyone was excited. There was a comedian named Tom Kelly who was getting the crowd all excited for the show. He caught wind of what was going on and thought someone was hurt – quickly realized I was crying due to the proposal! He rushed us on stage, made us reenact the proposal, and everyone applauded us! As we were walking off the stage into VIP the Lumineers were walking on and said hello! We then were escorted over to another section of the concert area and interviewed LIVE on Good Morning America! We went back to VIP, where the Lumineers then dedicated Stubborn Love to us! After the show ended, they came and took photos with us! As we walked out of the concert, everyone was congratulating us! The love and wishes that was given to us that day is more than I could have ever imagined! A few days later, Kings Hawaiin – the sponsor of the event, contacted Christian and sent us a a care package. It was a signed card, a photo of us in a frame, and some goodies and coupons for their products. Everyone made this such an unforgettable day.

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