Andie and Caleb

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How We Met

Caleb and I met in high school on our ultimate frisbee team in 2014. It wasn’t until the next year when we were on the same team again that Caleb found out I needed a date for our annual homecoming dance. He asked me to homecoming by playing the cello in the hallway outside of my art class. We went to homecoming together in December of 2015, and after a wonderful time together I knew I wanted to keep talking to him!

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He said he knew there was something special about me so I was so happy when we kept texting me! We went on our first official date to Chick Fil A a few weeks later where we stayed and talked for over three hours! We continued to date for the rest of the school year (my senior year and his junior year of high school). The next year I went to college one hour away and we continued dating with me coming home every single weekend. He decided to go to a college four hours away from mine that started a tough four years of long-distance! But we persevered and I’m so thankful we did!

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How They Asked

Caleb had to reschedule our proposal three different times due to the coronavirus situation! He finally secured the date to propose for May 2, 2020. The best day of my life.

During the quarantine, I told him I would love to have a picnic where we watched the sunset. He told me he wanted to plan a date and we could do that, but he wanted to dress up more since we had not had a nice date in a few months. I did not think anything of it because he plans surprise dates for me often and we love to dress nice on our dates! He picked me up around 4:30 pm and we started driving. We drove for over an hour and he kept “missing turns” so I was so confused. He had to miss some turns to stall while his sister finished preparing the proposal spot. We finally pulled into my favorite spot on Lake Martin, Children’s Harbor. He pulled up to the gazebo next to the water that was full of white rose petals on the ground and pictures of us strung from the last four years.

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My heart sank when I saw the pretty spot! He stood holding my hands, said the sweetest words about how special I am to him, and then got on one knee with the prettiest ring I’ve ever seen! The surprises didn’t stop there. On the way to the next spot, he handed me a document he had kept up since January of everything that happend regarding his plans for the proposal because he knew I would ask!

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We drove back to my family’s lake house where my parents, his parents, his sister, and my best friend were standing outside waiting for us! I immediately started crying. Then, we had a zoom call with all of our closest friends and I thought my other best friend was on the call all the way from her house in Kansas. But then, she walked out of my lake house and completely surprised me! It truly was the happiest day ever!

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