Andi and Chris

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How We Met

One late Saturday night in January 2013, as I was getting ready to finish my shift at the bar, in walked Christopher. I had seen him before while I was bar tending but didn’t have the chance to talk to him. Luckily, we had a mutual friend who was with him this time and so after giving him all his Yueng Lings for free and calling a cab for the girl who kept trying to touch his thigh, he came over to tell me he liked my shirt. I gave him my number, he texted me “pizza, pizza” and the rest is history. We had our first real date a few days later where we met at a dive bar for some great Cowboy Burgers and a few Budweisers. We basically spent every day together since.

how they asked

After a long cold day of estate sales and thrift store searching, my friend Maria told me she wanted to show me something over by the Throggs Neck bridge at the Whitestone Marina, so we headed over. Maria wouldn’t take my instructions on which street to turn down to find parking, but I didn’t find that weird. I also didn’t find it weird when she kept walking down the whole length of the street, so I followed her. When I heard Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon,” (which is our song), I assumed it was coming from the car at the end of the block, or maybe from one of the beautiful houses that line the Waterfront. As we got closer I realized what was happening!! Out of a driveway came Chris ready to get down on one knee!

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I was shocked. I thought he was out skateboarding and I was getting ready to spend my Saturday watching Law and Order SVU. As if the proposal (with the worlds most gorgeous ring) wasn’t enough, he had me look over the side of the marina fence to where the speaker was to see what else he had for me, a dozen yellow roses and magicbands, because to celebrate our engagement, he planned an entire week trip to Disney World!!!

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It was the most amazing day, and the most magical vacation!

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Special Thanks

 | she helped set me up!