Andi and Tyler

How We Met

We have attended the same church for years, and the first time Tyler Recalls seeing me is at youth camp. He swears he told his friends in that instant he was going to be with me one day,( and here we are!) I am over one year older than him, but 3 years ahead in my schooling. When I graduated high school, he was only a sophomore so I didn’t even notice him at all! After high school I started working at his school and eventually was a chaperone at his senior prom.. (we didn’t talk back then either).

It wasn’t until a less than a year after he graduated that I started to notice him, and take interest in him. I would find any excuse to be where he was (lol) I even told my best friend to invite him to my birthday dinner, even though we had never even had a full conversation, but HE SHOWED UP. At the end of the night, I was a bit frustrated because he hadn’t asked for my number, so i asked him for his phone, and told him “I’m putting my number in here because I know you’re never going to ask for it”. I don’t know what got into me, but the frustration took over and I took charge. he waited a week to call me and asked me out. and from then we dated, he asked me to be his girlfriend, we had to be long distance for 2 years when I moved away to finish college, and now He helps me so graciously with my wedding stationery business, carrying all the heavy boxes, setting up trade shows and packing things up.

Andi and Tyler's Engagement in Lake Lizzie conservation

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lake Lizzie conservation

how they asked

We had been talking about getting married for a while, looked at rings, finally found one that i loved and then I just had to wait (which was awful, patience is not something I’ve developed yet , hehe) I was very busy the week he proposed so that flew in and out of my mind, he goes to school twice a week, and while on his way to school, he just had a feeling he needed to do it that day. He turned the car around, drove to the jewelry store, got the ring, and then drove to my best friends house so she can help him plan it all within 6 hours. He knew it was important to me to have photos taken, for my best friends to be there and for us to be able to celebrate with our close friends and family afterwards. He called everyone, got my best friend to take me out of the house (since i work from home ) to go shopping for a wedding that weekend even though she already had a dress, and while i was out, he asked my parents for their blessing, took all my decor LOL and headed to the conservation area to set up with his sister. He also asked our close friend Luis over the phone if they would want to come celebrate with us, he said of course, they hung up, only he forgot to ask him if the party could be at his house! LOL

Tyler told me to meet him at his house at 5 so that we can go have a picnic (which was very suspicious to me). when we got to the conservation area, and got near his little set up, i started asking him “is that my blanket?!” ” are those my baskets” and then i noticed his sister taking photos and I asked “IS THAT MY CAMERA?!” which was so funny at the moment, because reality hadn’t hit me yet of what he was about to do. when we got there i didn’t get on the blanket because i didnt want it to get ruined, but he said ” i promise to wash your blanket” as soon as he saw me hesitate, which showed how much he cares for the little things i care about. In the end my friends popped out of the bushes, and celebrated with us, and after had a little get together with all of our loved ones.