Andi and Kevin

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How We Met

Kevin and I met our sophomore year in college at UofA. While we were in the beginning stages of dating, we both decided to transfer to ASU (not knowing each other was transferring). Once we found out that the other was transferring we decided to keep dating, learned that we were soulmates, eventually moved in together, and have been inseparable for five years (and counting)!

how they asked

On a chilly night in San Francisco, we boarded the HornBlower cruise ship for a dinner cruise on the Bay to celebrate our five year anniversary (so, I thought). We are escorted to our table where I spot the perfect table at the stern of the ship to sit at, little did I know, it was our table! At this table, there was a bottle of champagne, Ghirardelli chocolates, the first course, a gift bag, AND an incredible view of the San Francisco skyline. As our second course was being served, I noticed Kevin was acting a little funny and not eating as much as he usually does (especially during a 5-course meal). He said he just needed a little fresh air. We decided to go out to the deck to take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge and that is where he kept pouring on the wonderful compliments of how beautiful I am and how he is so lucky to have me in his life. I didn’t think twice about it as he is always so romantic and tells me this everyday. He decides that we should go back to finish our meal before the ship docks. Before we get to our desert, the DJ announces that it is everyone’s last chance to take last minute photos. Kevin says he wants to get a really good video on his gopro so we decide to go back out on the deck. We sit very closely on a bench to keep warm and that’s where he tells me how much he loves me and wants to be with me forever. He then drops to his knee and asks me to marry him! I am in such awe and seriously so surprised! We get back to our hotel room where we find a bottle of wine, chocolate covered strawberries, and a post card with a blessing from my parents and sister! We then decide to go up to the top floor where the club is and take our bottle of wine to celebrate. The club manager says we are not allowed to take our bottle of wine in and that’s when I flash my beautiful ring to him and tell him the good news. He congratulates us and not only lets us bring our bottle in but also gives us a whole closed off area to ourselves where there is yet another gorgeous view of Union Square. We dance the night away and celebrate our perfect first night as fiancés!

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