Samantha and Geoffrey

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How We Met

We met as any young couple in the 20th century would.. on a dating site OkCupid to be exact. On our first date I was a nervous wreck I wasn’t sure what to expect and I sure as hell wasn’t looking for anything long term. I was only 20 after all. We met at Starbucks at first ( the most public place I could think of after all this was online dating you never know what might show up). After about an hour of conversation we headed to dinner at a local pub something casual to just talk and have a bite to eat. Drinking was off the table since I wasn’t of legal age. We got to the pub and had a seat the place was packed as the Red Sox where playing and everyone was there to watch. Conversation was had we talked about work and friends and traveling and other small talk. After dinner we went for a walk down the busy shopping area and talked when we where about to part ways Geoffrey insisted that he walk me to my car since it was dark and the mall was closed so I would have to walk 4 blocks to get to my car in a non well lit area. Once we got to my car Geoffrey planted a kiss on me and took me by surprise. After I got in her car and he was out of sight I giggled like a little school girl who got kissed for the very first time and texted my best friend that I was alive and the date went well and I was heading home! That was the first day our story began we have been dating for 6 years and own a house together and have two beautiful cats!

how they asked

We had been planning a Disney vacation just the two of us since March 2017. The vacation was getting closer all the arrangements where set in place and the excitement was growing. We arrived on our vacation on September 30th 2017 we had planned to take this day a rest/ low key day. Our Disney park Days started October 1st Geoff’s birthday we hung out in Hollywood studios for the day than headed to Disney Springs for dinner. The next day was an early start we where heading to Animal Kingdom and wanted to get inline for the new Avatar ride! Our day started at 6:30 am we arrived at the park just before 9am. We headed back to our room around 4 to get ready for dinner at Cinderellas Royal Table a reservation I had made 180 days in advance and was much anticipating this experience! We got into our hotel room and there was a massive bouquet or red roses with a wonderful note inside! Needless to say I was nervous I knew the proposal was going to happen I just wasn’t sure when or how! We got to dinner and took our picture with Cinderella and where seated in the most beautiful table in the whole restaurant right at the head of the room over looking all of Disney world!

The waitress took our order and dinner when well we had a great conversation and a great meal. We where getting ready for dessert and the waitress came over with a plate with a photographer trailing shortly behind. ( I didn’t think a whole lot of it because it was a character dinner after all and the princesses where walking around to each table) The waitress places the Plate that is covered on the table in front of me and say “The Chef has prepared an extra special desert just for you this evening princess!” “Prince you know what to do” and before I could even process what had just happened there was Geoff in front of me on his on knee asking me to make him the happiest man alive and to be his wife!

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To say it was magical is an understatement my Disney princess heart was a flutter my dream had just come true in that very moment and I was on cloud nine! I said yes thru the tears of joy that came rolling down my face. The whole restaurant clapped and cheered. Our waitress came over with special desserts and a congratulations. The Princesses that where walking around all came one by one to congratulate us as well! It was a dream and I was living it in that moment and it was real!

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