Zainab and Fatir

How We Met

Fatir and I met when he came to the west coast for a wedding. It was one of those “when you know, you know it’s the one” type of feeling when we first met. As we progressed in our relationship with our families meeting and giving us their blessing, the next step was Fatir officially asking me himself.

Zainab and Fatir's Engagement in UCLA Royce Hall

how they asked

Fatir planned the proposal with the help of my best friend, mother, brother, and friends and got everyone in the loop with his plan. One of my favorite places in the world is my undergrad university, UCLA, and he knew how much I loved that place. He flew out to LA with his best friend and cousin on a weekend in April (I had no idea he was catching a flight). My mother had called my work to request my day off for that day while telling me we would be going to a family photo shoot in LA so that I can dress up (nice way to get me to dress up haha). On the other hand, my best friend took me to UCLA to “pick up” a hard drive she needed urgently (all this was a plan to get me to the location). As we arrived at UCLA, she needed to find the guy with the hard drive and the campus was packed with people because it was Bruin Day.

We approach the area where Fatir and our family and friends were and the first person I saw was Fatir. He picked the most beautiful building on campus to propose, Royce Hall, and he was standing there with a huge smile on his face. I look around and I saw our family and friends on one side and a crowd of people on the other side. He asked me to spend the rest of our lives together and many other beautiful things (none of which I can remember because I was over the moon with joy but all I remember was looking into his eyes and thanking God for him). I happily said “YES!” and saw my ring and teared up because it was exactly the one I showed him a picture of only once before.

Zainab's Proposal in UCLA Royce Hall