Andrew and Kelsey

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How We Met

In 2014, I moved to Kentucky to start pharmacy school but deep down I also secretly hoped I would find myself a southern gentleman. The year started with orientation week and this is when I first noticed him or actually two of him. With a quick Facebook search, I realized which identical twin was not in a relationship and my heart was set. On 8/30/2014, with some encouragement (LOTS!) from a few of my friends I reached out to Andrew via Facebook messenger. My hands were shaking with excitement while I waited for those three dots to pop up telling me he was messaging back. Today, when I look back on this moment I smile with embarrassment because, in that message, I invited Andrew to his own friend’s party. A friend I didn’t even know!

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A week or so after the party Andrew and I had a study date followed by hours at Orange Leaf talking and getting to know each other. In October 2014, we officially started dating and we became the “first pharmacy couple” in our class. From that day forward, we have traveled to numerous cities, we have gone to numerous sporting events, and honestly, have drunk numerous craft beers (we love breweries!). Our hobbies, our personalities, and our lives fit perfectly together and I think we both realized quickly into our relationship that we both had found the “one”.

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how they asked

4 years later at the beginning of May, we finally graduated from pharmacy school. A graduation gift from my parents was a trip to Hawaii for the four of us. A week later our bags were packed for Hawaii and we were ready for the ten-hour flight ahead of us. Our plans were to stay two days in Honolulu and board the Pride of America cruise ship to see the rest of the islands. As soon as we boarded the ship, we went to the excursion desk. The first excursion we planned was to the summit (by bus) to the top of Haleakalā volcano at sunrise in Maui. On day 2 of our cruise, we awoke at 2:00 AM in order to catch the bus and make it to the top on time. When we were on the bus, Andrew said he was nervous but stated he was concerned he would get altitude sickness. I thought nothing of it!

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Around 4:45 AM, we made it to the look out on Haleakalā which is almost at 10,000 feet. At this height, I was above the clouds and when I looked around it was complete darkness but I could see numerous stars, shooting stars, the Milky Way, and even Jupiter. As we stood there, freezing our little butts off (it was only 40 degrees), our tour guide told us a story… “In Hawaii, Haleakalā is known as the House of the Sun. The Demi God Maui climbed to the summit and lassoed the sun, capturing it with a net. The sun was released only after agreeing to appear in the sky longer each day so the farmers could continue to farm and fishermen could continue to fish.

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Each sunrise is a reminder of the suns promise to Maui and the people of Hawaii.” As we listened to the story, we took numerous photos of the landscape as well as each other. The sky slowly turned from pitch black to a beautiful orange/yellow. As the sun was just about to surface over the clouds, my dad went back to the wall behind us. I thought it was time for another group photo but to my surprise when I turned around, Andrew had a large box in his hands. I looked at my mom and she was as shocked as I was. My mouth was practically on the ground as Andrew opened the box and got down on one knee. With tears coming to my eyes, I said “of course, then yes” to my best friend.

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The sun kept its promise to Maui and to us because it created the most perfect backdrop for our proposal. To have my parents there was something I have always imagined. Without my dad, we would not have the photos to remember this beautiful morning. After the sun surfaced, Andrew and I returned to the bus where there was coffee (our favorite thing) and numerous congratulations. We traveled back down the mountain and stopped to see several beautiful scenic lookouts along the way and of course, we took more photos. Once we made it back to the ship, the four of us popped open a bottle of champagne and had mimosas to celebrate our engagement.

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Andrew always promised me that I would never know it was coming. He jokes saying he has skills like a “ninja” but on that day he truly did. He completely surprised me, which was exactly what I wanted. I’m so thankful for my wonderful fiancé. I can’t wait to become your wife and to see where the years and our journeys together will take us!

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