Wendy and Weston

Wendy and Weston's Engagement in At Wendy's birthday party

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend one night in 2016. I was his friend’s “date” and he was the guy his friend had invited that night. We did not exchanged words that night, but we happened to see each other 1 month after at a restaurant. He immediately recognized me and invited me to join him for the rest of the night. After that encounter our connection and friendship got stronger, and we ended up falling in love.

how they asked

We talked about for a couple months prior to the proposal. We went on a cruise in 8/2017, and I thought he would propose there, but he never did. He decided to do it on my birthday party 10/2017 with all of our friends and family members present. He then stated: “I had it all planned, and nobody knew. I made you think I would propose on the cruise, for you to be even more surprised”.

Here are the pictures from Wendy & Weston’s engagement session in Washington Oaks Gardens in Florida. Since Wendy is Cuban she wanted to make sure use Cuban cigars and rum in this session as well. Everything turned out even better than we had planned!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At Wendy's birthday party

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At Wendy's birthday party

Where to Propose in At Wendy's birthday party

Proposal Ideas At Wendy's birthday party

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