Callena and Sid

How We Met

We met back in 2010 when we both started studying photography at the same university. However, it took us basically the whole time of the degree (3 years) to go from friends to a couple! In the last semester of uni we had a class together, which is when we really got to know each other better, and then by the end of that semester, Sid finally mustered the courage to ask me out.

Since then we have had so many adventures together! In 2014 we quit our jobs, sold all of our belongings and traveled around the world together for 7 months. It was one of the most incredible experiences in both of our lives and we still reminisce about it all of the time! Once we returned from that trip, we started our own wedding photography business called Daisy & the Duke. Now we get to work side by side every single day, doing what we love! It’s very weird to now be on the other side of that, as we are usually the ones documenting other peoples love stories. Soon we will now be the ones planning the wedding and getting married!

Proposal Ideas Our home, Brisbane, Australia

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Sid and I had always talked about one day getting engaged and married, but I never expected it to happen so soon! We are going to be spending 12 months traveling around Australia very soon, so I always thought that he would propose once that trip is finished. So it’s safe to say it was a complete surprise for me, and I am still a bit in shock about it all!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our home, Brisbane, Australia

On the day it all happened, I thought that I was going wedding dress shopping with my friend Mel who had recently gotten engaged. She and I went out to breakfast near my house in the morning, and I was under the impression that her mum would shortly be picking us up to head to some dress shops. Little did I know that the breakfast was a decoy to get me out of the house and for Sid to start putting into action all of his months of planning. Mel said we should just pop back into my apartment before heading out shopping so she could use the bathroom. When I opened the door, all of these dogs started jumping and greeting me, which was a bit of a surprise seeing as we don’t own any dogs! All of the furniture had been moved out, and there were 12 dogs running around like crazy!

Callena's Proposal in Our home, Brisbane, Australia

About 2 minutes later, Sid walked in, and as soon as I saw him I kind of knew what was going on. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, which I, of course, said yes to! He was so nervous that he tried to put the ring on the wrong hand!

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Callena and Sid's Engagement in Our home, Brisbane, Australia

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our home, Brisbane, Australia

Once I had spent some time playing with all of the dogs, Sid let me in on his next surprise. I had to go over some clothes that he had laid out for me to pack, as we were about to head to the airport! When trying to make decisions about what to pack is when everything sunk in and hit me, and I became a blubbering mess who couldn’t believe what had just happened! With the help of Mel, I threw some clothes into a suitcase and then my mum picked us up and took us to the airport. As a hint, Sid gave me some money in Fiji currency, so we were off on a tropical holiday!

We then spent a week on a gorgeous island in Fiji, relaxing, swimming, snorkeling and drinking yummy cocktails. It was the perfect way to spend our first week together as an engaged couple. Sid planned and pulled off the most perfect proposal. He incorporated the things I love most into it, being dogs and travel. It really is amazing that he managed to secretly plan it all and pull it off, as we live together and work together, so we don’t spend much time apart. Little did I know that “trips to the gym” and “catching up with a friend for coffee” was just a way for him to spend an hour by himself planning out the details!

Being wedding photographers, we know how special it is to have photos and videos of the important moments, so on top of everything, Sid filmed it all and put together a beautiful video that we will always have to watch and relive the most perfect week ever.

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