Brittany and Richard

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Asheville, NC

How We Met

Richard and I met through a mutual friend in 2015. She had actually been telling me how great this guy for a year before we finally had a chance to meet. After the first date, I was pretty convinced she was right and we moved in together 8 months later!

how they asked

A few months ago, I found out that Richard had never been to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Since he’s a North Carolina native, this is a bit of a sin and it had to be remedied. So I jumped on this opportunity to insist that we visit…the tickets I got just happened to be during their Christmas festivities. Over 50 decorated Christmas trees, wine tasting, a gorgeous estate to wander around, and we could pick out our first Christmas tree at a nearby tree farm! I couldn’t picture a better December day.

For about 2 weeks leading up to this weekend, I think I told Richard every day how excited I was to get our Christmas tree. Little did I know, he had just driven 2 hours up to the tree farm to do a “site survey”. Richard’s a (Emmy award-winning, I can brag I’m his fiance) videographer and producer so this included drone videos, elaborate maps for parking and placement, and a detailed timeline complete with a warning call to his brother. He somehow got our entire family up to Asheville without me suspecting a thing, though the proposal schedule referred to them as “personnel”. Unfortunately, but to my complete delight, the South got hit by a bunch of snow the day before. So the morning of the trip while I’m staring out the window at the winter wonderland we’re driving into, Richard is texting the tree farm owner, Michael, trying to figure how we can drive up to the farm in the mountains.

With the roads closed to the tree farm, Richard seamlessly moved onto plan B. We were going to stop in downtown Asheville before the Biltmore to grab some food and enjoy one of their many breweries when we drove by this beautiful. snowy park. He suggested we park and take a look at the huge light up snowflake at the end of the park. I’m all for Christmas decorations so I hope out into the snow and bundle up.

As we come up to the snowflake, a student from UNC Asheville asks if she could take a picture for the portrait class she’s taking. Now, it’s 35 degrees and snowy. No one is standing outside waiting for a couple to walk by in this weather. I get hit by a huge wave of “oh my god it’s happening”. I looked at Richard and he’s cool as cucumber so we get in place and get ready to smile for her photo.

After a few seconds, I realize she’s taking way too may photos of us. He turns to me and says he’s so excited for today and for the rest of our days together. Kneels down (in the snow what a champ) and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him.

After a resounding “YES!” and hugging him on the ground in the snow we stand up and I still can’t let go. I look over his shoulder and see 15 phones in the window of the coffee shop behind us. Thinking that there’s no way this many strangers are invested in our future, I start to recognize our entire family one by one. So we did finally get to enjoy the breweries of Asheville with family from North Carolina, Virginia, and California, and my new fiance!

Proposal Ideas Asheville, NC

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