Flo and Justin

How We Met

We got together at 17, a year after he waved to me at the canteen line. In high school. I didn’t know who he was at the time, he was in the year above me. He is probably going to kill me for uploading this really old photo! Sorry babe!

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We never really spoke after that until I got a message from him on good old Facebook, we got to talking and we decided to go to the movies together, which he then proceeded to tease me on the way I eat my chips, if that wasn’t a red flag. JOKING! Anyway a year later I was graduating high school and we invited a few guys including Justin to come with us as ‘toolies’ I wasn’t sure what was going on with us until someone asked if we were together and he looked at me and said ‘ Ya wanna ‘ not very romantic but it was funny, just like him.

how they asked

It was our 6 year anniversary on the 22nd of November 2017. A few weeks before I had asked him if we could go on these new gondolas that were set up by Elizabeth Quay and he said no, I thought that was weird, he never says no to me… He then backed himself up by saying that is something that should be saved for birthdays or anniversaries so I said okay great well our anniversary was coming up and he rolled is eyes because he did NOT want to go on the gondola.

The day before the proposal my friend invited me over to do our nails as she was having a bad day, normally it would be fine but it was 8pm at night?! Who goes to someones house to randomly do their nails at 8pm on a Tuesday night, I figured I’d go because she was upset and I wanted to be there for her. She even went out and bought a range of nail polishes for us, still very strange. I was getting a little suss, but I didn’t want to incase I was just being self centred and she really needed me.

The next day I woke up so excited. I don’t know why but I just did. We had breakfast and he kept asking me what I wanted to do during the morning. I said we can do whatever just chill, but he was acting very strange. I brushed it off… We went home and had a nap date after lunch :’), we nap a lot HAHA. We woke up and he told me he had booked the gondolas as he promised that we would go on for our anniversary so I thought okay cool let’s go we don’t want to miss it.

When we got there, the man Alan handed me a long stem rose and asked if I could sit on the right side of the gondola, not sure why it mattered at the time. We had champagne on the gondola and I went to go open it, but Justin said no wait till we get to a nice view and I was confused and its only 15 minutes and thought it was strange that we got champagne on a 15 minute gondola ride for $15 nevertheless. I waited and then Justin said we should go sit outside of the booth on the other side of the gondola, he was saying how nice the view of the city was and that we should ask the Alan the gondola guy to take a photo of us. He went over to where we were sitting before and Alan came through, as I went to pass him my phone…. Alan pulled out a Professional Nikon camera, maybe he has a camera on him all the time for his business I thought. Justin said hold on I need to grab my jacket and then next thing he was on his knees with an amazing vera wang ring, that was bigger than my future! the rest of it was a blur, I tried so hard not to jump up and down and knock the ring out of his hand. We celebrated afterwards with dinner, but all our friends and family were calling and messaging us.

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It was the best day ever, and our best anniversary yet. I cannot wait to finish studying so I can marry the love of my life.

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