Jessica and Jordan

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How We Met

Seven years ago, one of my girlfriends started seeing this guy. When I had met her new man we instantly hit it off, we kept joking amongst one another over the whole dinner. When the dinner had come to an end he told me that he had a friend that he thought would be the perfect match for me. They both burst out with excitement, they were going to plan a blind date for us and that they thought it was going to be the perfect set up. I was a little nervous going into this blind because it just wasn’t something I had never done before, but I went for it and boy am I ever glad I did!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Conestoga Shipwreck

They had arranged for us to meet all together the night before St. Patrick’s Day at the Hilton Lac Leamy. When my girlfriend Kadie and I arrived, the guys were already inside, we agreed to meet each other in the lobby hall separating the casino from the hotel. As we began to walk up hall, I recognized her fling Kevin and saw the tallest and handsome man standing beside him with the biggest smile on his face.

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I immediately had that same smile on my face and was probably beat red from blushing so hard. Walking towards him I felt so many butterflies in my stomach, I knew if there was ever a moment you realized you are meeting the ‘one’ for the first time, then this was it. I can’t put to words all the emotions I was feeling at that moment but what I can say is that night was one of the greatest nights in my life. Our smiles could not be wiped off our faces. The next day my jaw literally hurt from smiling so much.

Jessica and Jordan's Engagement in Conestoga Shipwreck

One of the things I will never forget from that night was us both recognizing immediately that it truly felt like we had actually known each other for our whole lives.

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From that night on, we were inseparable. We shared all the same interest, hobbies, and views on life. I had my own place so he moved in with me. When we decided, we wanted a bigger space, we moved into a condo together. We gained an interest in Scuba Diving so decided we would take up lessons together and get into this new exciting sport.

Jessica's Proposal in Conestoga Shipwreck

We have fallen in love with everything we do. So much so, that we embarked on a new venture of buying a home together. We always talked about wanting to flip houses with each other so we purchased a beautiful old stone home that needed our personal touch for renovations. We also purposely chose a location a lot closer to the dive community, so we would be able to create the best balance with our lives and all the things we love to do.

How They Asked

On April 7, we planned a dive on a nearby wreck to use what we had left in our tanks, so we could have them properly inspected before the dive season has begun. Little did I know he had planned this whole time to pop the question underwater near the propeller of the sunken barge. Time froze when I saw him turn around and open his note pad that read “Marry Me? Yes or No”

I quickly grabbed the pencil and circled yes so many times! Then I wrote “kiss me” and we had our first kiss underwater, at the stern of the Conestoga wreck. Which was also the first wreck we had dove together, back we first became certified.

J + J xo

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