Eddie and Katrina

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How We Met

Our story started in 2014, I was hired at our local movie theater in Selma, CA during the summer of that year. In a few days I met Katrina, she introduced herself to me by uttering “Hi I’m Kat” as she bossed me around and lectured me during my training. After a few run-ins with her during our breaks and lunch, I learned so much about her. What she was studying for, her future goals and her hobbies. It was those first moments that I felt something special about this girl. A few months later we began talking almost every single day, we would stay up late texting and hover around each other while working the concession stand during our shifts, yet no one was bold enough just yet to make a move. In early October, on a Wednesday night at around 2 am, Kat finally made the first move, she definitely swiped the man-card away from me but I’m glad she did.

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She asked when we would finally hangout outside of work and in sheer excitement, I replied and told her we can hang out the next day since we both had the day off from work. The next day I drove to the college that she was attending as I did not have a class that day and brought her a smoothie for breakfast. We spent that entire morning just joking around and getting to know each other while we waited for her next class to start. Later that evening we had scheduled what we know now as our first date. After getting grilled with 21 questions from her parents, we finally went out to pizza and frozen yogurt for dessert. Needless to say, our first official hangout sparked something that would set the course for a journey ahead. A few months after getting to know each other we decided to make it official. January 5th of 2015 is when we first became a couple and we have grown together ever since.

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how they asked

I proposed to Katrina on March 10, 2018. I had scheduled a weekend trip to San Francisco, CA to visit and take some time off before starting my career position. A month before I invited her with a special ticket on the getaway, I had photoshopped an airplane ticket as an invitation and an itinerary showing her the destinations for the weekend and all the stops. San Francisco was very dear to our hearts, on our year anniversary I gifted Katrina a heart pendant as a promise for our future. At our second year anniversary again in San Francisco, I gifted Katrina a promise ring as a promise to keep growing with each other. But most importantly San Francisco was important to us because towards our 3rd year at the beginning of 2017 Katrina’s mom fell sick to cancer. It was definitely a time of hardship and growth for our relationship as we faced this struggle head-on. After much prayer, many doctor visits and chemotherapy Katrina’s mom defeated cancer in none other than the city of San Francisco. Yes, San Francisco was very dear to our hearts and it was the perfect proposal location.

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On Saturday, March 10th, I had planned for Katrina’s family to arrive in San Francisco, while Katrina and I had the day adventure we went hiking in Marin County, walked the Golden gate bridge, explored golden gate park and visited some of the best little eateries near the area. Later that evening, as time was ticking I was so nervous. Katrina kept asking me over dinner if everything was okay and I would just nod. It was a rush of emotions that is indescribable as I waited for dinner to be over. At around 10:30 pm, I hear my phone buzz, it was Katrina’s family, they were in position. I paid the check nervously and suggested we go for a walk down the street with a definite squeal of stress in my throat.

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We neared the destination, Pier 7 in all its glory. I blindfolded Katrina as we made our way towards the end of the dock where her family was waiting for the surprise. I remember holding her hand so she wouldn’t fall and how stupid we must have looked giggling like little kids walking by people, her in a blindfold and me looking like a nervous wreck. Just before she took off the blindfold I got down on one knee with her family surrounding us and in that brief moment before she opened her eyes I knew that everything in that moment was perfect. No more nervousness, just sheer joy and as she took off her blindfold and her parents yelled Surprise!! I took a deep breath I asked, “Katrina Renee Valles, Will you marry me?” and in that moment of utter shock, surprise and joy Katrina filled tears in her eyes said, “Yes”.

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Special Thanks

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