Britani and Timothy

How We Met

I first met Tim when I was eighteen and he was twenty-three, we were friends on Facebook and actually never spoke to one another until one night he posted a status saying he needed a date for his sister’s wedding and if anyone was interested. I thought he was extremely good looking so I liked the status not even thinking he’d actually message me especially with all the other girls who liked it (lol) but he did. We chatted for a bit on Facebook messenger until he asked me for my number and we got to know one another some more. He asked me if I wanted to do a nice dinner before just agreeing to go to some wedding with a complete stranger that I could hate (lol) and I agreed. We chose to go to Cheesecake for the date and I just remember being so excited but nervous, so nervous he still tells me to this day I didn’t even look at him when I talked (haha). We had such an awesome time, we were actually in Cheesecake for five hours talking about everything from family to friends, to our interests, I knew at that time I connected with him differently than anyone else. We ended up dating for a short time and ended up going our separate ways, keeping in contact with one another here and there but not officially dating again until a few years later and that was one of the best choices we both could have made as we just couldn’t stay away from one another! :)

Where to Propose in Hoboken

how they asked

Tims good friend Bill recently got engaged in April so Tim texted me a week before he proposed telling me that Friday the 25th we were all going to Hoboken to the Chart House. I was kind of dreading going just because it’s a little over an hour from where we live and I’m always so tired after work. Tim played it off like he didn’t want to drive far as well but said not to worry because it’ll be a really fun time and told me to make sure I dress nice since the place is formal. Friday came and I got ready after work, Tim told me to hurry as Bill and his Fiancé already left and were on their way there. When we arrived we parked at Pier C Park which was not that far from all of the restaurants, he told me the walk was only three mins and that Bill, his fiancé, and his family were already at the restaurant waiting.

Britani and Timothy's Engagement in Hoboken

We walked along the pier and he took out his phone and asked a young guy walking towards us if he could take a picture of me and him. We walked over to the gate with all of New York behind us and as I was getting ready to take the pic he took my hand and told me he had something he wanted to ask me, me being confused and not wanting to make this guy wait to take a pic said “so ask?” (Lol) Tim laughed and that’s when he got down on one knee and said “I want to know if you’ll marry me” and took out the ring which he hid in his dress shoe sock the whole time (Lol.) I couldn’t believe it at first and started hysterically laughing and kept saying “stop you’re joking” he asked me if I was going to say yes and of course I did ecstatically.

We kissed and hugged and then I stared at the ring which was simple and beautiful and everything I wanted. I asked him why he would propose to me on his friend’s engagement party night and he told me no one was there and that he lied and it’s actually our engagement night (lol yes I still didn’t catch on.) We finally drove over to Chart House which was beyond amazing, our view overlooking New York was beautiful and the food was phenomenal. This was one of the most amazing nights of my life and I know it is only the beginning for us and I can’t wait to marry this man.