AnBreia and Logan

How We Met

We are from the sMe town but went to different high schools. We always knew who one another was and would see each other at events and restaurants in our small town. We went to the same gym and that is when we started talking. Then one night he asked me on a date and it went from there. Image 1 of AnBreia and Logan

how they asked

My family hosts a huge bonfire party in our farm every October. This has been a tadirion for about 12 years. This bonfire is my favorite Fall event. At the bonfire, my dad gathered us all by the fire to thank everyone for coming. After thanking everyone, dad said he wanted a picture of us by the fire before it got dark. When we were by the fire, dad told Logan to get his hand out of his pocket. (This was a normal thing so I still had no idea). When he took the ring out of his pocket he told me an inside joke from the night before. It took me by surprise but still did not click until he was down on one knee. I was so happy and could not believe it had happened!

Image 2 of AnBreia and Logan

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