Anastasiya and Anton


How We Met

We met through mutual friends at a beach summer of 2014. He was so cute and funny! My best friend and I nicknamed him smiles that night cause he constantly had the biggest and friendliest smile on his face. Sure enough, it turned out he attended to the University I was transferring to that fall and we ran into each other on the first day of school a few weeks later. We hit it off and went to our weekly chapels together. Chapels turned into coffee dates during our breaks, and then that turned into dinner dates and so on. I love that before we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend, we developed a solid friendship! He was someone I wanted to talk about my day with, laugh with and simply just be with! Our story wasn’t “love at first sight,” but what it developed to be is so much better because we have the best friendship and now the romance is just the perfect cherry on top! I love this man and can’t wait to spend forever with him!


how they asked

I had a hunch that Anton would propose during the holidays because I’m obsessed with anything that has to do with Christmas and snow! It was the day after Christmas, and Anton and I had hardly gotten to spend any one on one time during the holidays, so he asked me to plan to spend the day after Christmas with him! He said we’d go out for brunch, something that was very normal for us, grab some coffee and maybe go for a hike to our favorite winter location. None of this seemed out of the norm for us, so although I had a hunch it would happen that day, I wasn’t sure! He showed up looking super casual, something that completely threw me off! He wore the hoodie I didn’t like the most because he didn’t want to “ruin” his nicer casual wear. At that point, I was thrown off and was thinking maybe he really wouldn’t propose that day.

We went about our day, had brunch at Toulouse Petit, our favorite local spot for brunch in Seattle, then grabbed some coffee. He seemed to be a little bit distracted throughout the day and was on his phone more than usual (he takes our time together very seriously.) We started getting ready to head out for our hike, and he said we’re actually going to go somewhere else because he looked up the weather conditions at the original spot and they were horrible. Little did I know, my brother and Anton had gotten stuck in the mountains because the conditions were terrible that morning, trying to scout out the perfect spot to propose later in the afternoon. We started our drive, and as we got closer and closer he became more quiet. We finally got to our destination, and there were no cars around so I figured maybe he really isn’t going to propose and this was just a normal hike!


We start walking and he asks me to close my eyes and turn around. After he says I can open my eyes, I kept walking, afraid to turn back around and look at him in case he was on his knee because I was so nervous at that point! I finally brought myself to turn around and he had changed! All of a sudden he was dressed in slacks and a nice sweater! We kept walking, as we were walking he started telling me the sweetest nothings behind me, how in love he was with me and so on. All of a sudden, I see sparkling lights ahead of me wrapped around a bridge over the most beautiful, snowy river! I started crying and freaking out right then and there.




He led me onto the bridge where he asked me to be his wife and spend forever with him! I said yes! Then Anton’s friend who is an incredible photographer showed up and I realized he had photographed the entire proposal! It was the most romantic, beautiful and unforgettable moment of my life!



Anastasiya's Proposal in Deception Falls, Washington

Special Thanks

David Bokov
Proposal Photography
Lora Grady
Photography in Field