Anastasia and Yuriy

How We Met

We met at the university in Moscow four years ago and became friends immediately. The more we communicated the more we realized the sympathy we felt to each other. We fell in love soon and started dating. We became very close partners and I understood that Anastasia is the right person to start a family with. Getting an agreement from both Anastasia’s and my parents I bought a beautiful diamond ring. That was in December. Meanwhile we both got an offer from the University of Glasgow to study a master degree. It was a true luck that both of us could study at the same university together.

Anastasia's Proposal in Isle of Skye Scotland

how they asked

I wanted to make a proposal in very unique way but did not know exactly what I need to do. Then I realized that there are plenty of beautiful places in Scotland and was waiting until we decide to travel somewhere. When we decided to go to the Isle of Skye I started to browse for beautiful and romantic places where the proposal might take place. During my search I found an ‘Euphoria’ agency which can help with different sorts of wedding arrangements. I knew that a photo-shooting us at the moment and after the proposal in a beautiful place would be a wonderful idea. There was little time so I wrote to the agency immediately. Roz replied the next day and our discussion about all the arrangements began.

Proposal Ideas Isle of Skye Scotland

I decide to make a proposal at the Sligachan bridge because of its unquestionable beauty and romantic atmosphere of the past. We were already travelling on Skye with Anastasia so I needed to keep the secrecy about what I was always doing on my phone while writing another message to Roz. Roz’s suggestions and thoughts were very right and smart things to do. Finally, the decisive day of proposal began. I was a little bit nervous because I have not met Roz before and was wondering if everything will be all right. We were late at Sligachan and that added some nervousness to me. Fortunately, everything went extremely well. Anastasia did not know where we were going and it was a total surprise for her. Roz was in a right place to shoot her very first emotions and it was just wonderful. The photo of that moment is so quite and natural that I cannot stop watching it again and again.

Anastasia: In the morning Yuriy said that he booked a table for us at 7pm near Portree. I thought he decided to organize a romantic evening for me because the Isle of Skye is so beautiful and our weekend on it was very lovely. Our day was saturated: we visited the Neist Point and also relaxed on the Coral Beach. The time has passed unnoticeably and in the evening we arrived at our hotel to dress up for the dinner in Portree. I noticed that Yuriy was a little bit nervous and I tried to calm him down. We were in a hurry and I put on my dress as fast as I could. He was driving very fast and I thought he is the fastest racer who took me on an adventure. Sometime later he asked me to close my eyes. I was very curious but listened him unquestioningly. Yuriy said that he had a small surprise for me before we will go for our dinner.

I had a jumping heart and it was so hard to wait for the surprise he prepared for me! Finally, we arrived somewhere. Yuriy helped me to get out of the car. He took my arm and guided me as I was still with the closed eyes. He was talking to me and his voice was so gentle and nervous at the same time. Then we stopped, he let go of my hand, I was standing next to him. He asked me what do I think, where we are. I tried to gather my thoughts and suddenly I realized that something very special for us will happen now… He asked me to open my eyes. I understood that we are on the lovely bridge Sligachan, the sun was shining and the weather was so nice. I saw Yuriy with the most beautiful flowers in the whole world. He presented them to me, sat down to one knee and opened a small box in his hand where was the best ring on our Earth… All these things were like in a fairy tale.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Isle of Skye Scotland

He told me the most tender words of love and finally asked my: will you be my wife? My eyes were full of tears, I was happy, a little bit confused, surprised and full of the feelings for him. I just wanted to hug him and kiss. As a decent girl, I asked him to think for a couple of minutes and then I said my hard YES. Yuri said that he did not hear me and I actually had to scream my YES out. After two seconds he put on the ring on my ring finger and I became his fiancée. After the most important part of our lives we had the coolest photo session with Roz. She was so professional and lovely! Roz explained everything very clear for us. We will remember that day and the photo session with Roz for the whole life. The next morning, we got several photos and we were so happy to see how sensual and beautiful they were. We had the best day ever.

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